It's been absolutely aaaaages since I've done a beauty post! I've been using so many top notch products lately, all of which are getting me in the mood for Spring. 

All of these bad boys are tried & tested products that I've genuinely been using daily and loving. As usual there are no affiliate links, nothing sponsored - just good old fashioned recommendations! 

1.  NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer.  I swear to god this stuff + a beauty blender is like a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for my face. I don't love the fact that it's in a pot (I much prefer a tube) but it's so good that I will happily repurchase. I love using it alongside  Nars Sheer Glow for a perfect color and texture match. 

2.  Charlotte Tilbury 'Pillow Talk' Lipstick. Formula is comfortable on the lips and the color is the PERFECT pinky-nude for those like myself with dark hair and light skin. The fact that the packing is magnificent also helps. I won't lie, the staying power isn't what it should be for the price, but I've been through 3 of these already and will continue to purchase because it's overall such a trusty, classic product! 

3. YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara.  A new discovery and quickly becoming one of my favorite mascaras ever. This leaves my lashes thick, glossy & the blackest black.  Plus it does NOT sting my eyes or smudge badly which is my biggest issue regarding mascara.

4. Nuxe Bio-Beaute Repairing Lip Balm.  I picked this stuff up in Paris last summer when I was in dire need of lip balm and I really, really love it. Not only is it moisturizing but the tint it leaves on the lips is so gorgeous and glossy. It's a perfect everyday lip moisturizer. However, I will say it doesn't do heavy duty work. If your lips are CHAPPED from the change in season (I'm talking painful, cracked, bleeding) then you need La Mer 'The Lip Balm'. It's STUPID expensive but I swear to you it is magic. It heals my broken blistered lips overnight better than anything I've ever gotten doctor prescribed. 

5. Fenty Beauty 'Flyliner'. A really solid eyeliner that doesn't transfer to my upper lid. Super black and inky, sharp nib, easy to use and hold. Stays on so long that sometimes I have a hard time removing it, but I think of that as a good thing! 

6. Anastasia Brow Wizz. I am LATE to this bandwagon. I've heard good things about this stuff for years but always assumed it was overhyped. I saw it on sale at Sephora when I was home for Christmas and decided to take the plunge. Needless to say, I'm impressed. 

7. Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow. One of my genuine 'desert island' products. The powers are such high quality and both the bronzer and highlight are so natural but still pack a punch. Every time I've strayed away to test other products I always return to this beauty. 

8. Aesop Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream. I love that this stuff has zinc in it (anti-inflammatory, helps scarring) and it also as SPF 15 for two-in-one moisturizing and sun protection. I'm also a fan of the smell (though some people will surely hate it) - the one thing I don't LOVE is how it feels on my skin, it's very thick and sticky. Normally this would detract me from using it but actually, I find the texture helps my makeup stay on! So I deal with the 5 minutes of sticky discomfort for maximum makeup results + skincare benefits. 

9.  BENAMÔR Rose Amélie The Miracle Dry Oil. I picked this bottle of heaven up when I was in Lisbon last year and I'm obsessed. It reminds me of a sliiiightly thicker, rose scented version of another body oil I love, the Nuxe Dry Oil. I slather it on after a shower and hop into bed - when I wake up in the morning I am soft and smell divine. 

10. Tatcha Luminous Dewey Skin Mist. I'm in two minds about this because on one hand, it is a truly great product. It makes my skin feel dewey and my makeup look smooth. However, this stuff is FIFTY. DOLLARS. For a little over an ounce of product. Dumb. So dumb. Why did they have to make it so expensive??? For this reason I use it sparingly, which pisses me off because I want to douse my entire body in it.

11. Diptyque Eau Rose Hair Mist. I am a die hard Diptyque fan, they own my bank account to be honest. I think their scents are gorgeous and their product design is amazing. My favorite scent is Eau Rose and when I saw they had a MINI that was meant for your hair I knew it needed to be mine. I wear it on days where I know I'm going to hug a lot of people and I always get compliments! 

12. Armani Pivoine Suzhou Soie De Nacre. This was a Christmas present and I am over the moon with it. It smells like fresh peonies and it lasts all day. Definitely on the pricier end for perfumes though! For a cheaper alternative, try Chloe's Eau de Parfum

13. Glow Receipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask. Another Christmas present that I've been getting great use of. This stuff does wonders when my skin is feeling dehydrated! The idea is to slather your face with it before bed and then rinse it off when you wake up. At first I thought it would be  impossible to do without getting gunk on my pillow, but actually it dries so fast on the skin and is totally comfortable to sleep in! I now pretty much use it as my nightly moisturizer and I'm so happy with the results!