Okay. I have some explaining to so. I truly never intended to not write a post for FOUR months! I think that might be the biggest break I've ever taken. What can I say, life just got crazy and I couldn't keep up! Last year I didn't make blogging a priority and that does not please me. I definitely feel happier and creatively stimulated when I'm writing about my adventures! I have no pin-pointed reason why I stopped - other things just took over my life! But nay I say, NAY - no more. My 2019 resolution is to spend more time on creative endeavors so here I am (in February, hehe oops) ramping back up again.

I was going to just jump right back in to posting but I figured I needed to update my loyal readers as to what I've been up to the last few months! So here's a breakdown:


Ohhh lordy. I've been jetting around a LOT since October!

I spent my Halloween weekend road tripping around the Scottish Highlands, which if you can recall was on my Autumn To-Do List! It was insanely magical and I already want to go back. If you ever want to visit the Highlands, do it in the Autumn. The landscape took my breath away.

For Thanksgiving my beautiful cousin Shereen flew over and we jetted off to Lisbon, which I hadn't been to in 6 years and was SO excited to return to! We spent two days exploring, taking pictures of all the beautiful tiles, drinking coffee and soaking up the Portuguese sunshine.

Right after Lisbon I flew directly to London for a work trip and got to take in all of the INCREDIBLE Christmas lights. I loved London at Christmas so much that I already know I want to go back this year! 
When December came around, I decided I needed to cross off visiting a European Christmas market off my bucket list. HOWEVER - I only had a day to spare. So my two friends and I flew into Frankfurt, Germany for approximately 10 hours to visit their insane traditional market and it was an excellent decision. I went on a Wednesday and my flight was only 25 euro round trip!
A Christmas drew nearer, I jetted off to San Francisco to spent one entire month with my family. I took three weeks off work (the most I have EVER taken off at one time) and then worked a week remotely. It was so special to be able to spend time with my family for so long, PLUS - we have a new family member! Meet Angus:  

He's a Norwich Terrier, and he is perfect. And I promise he has a much happier disposition when I'm not forcing him to take selfies with me.

During my time in California, Joey and I took a road trip down to San Diego to indulge ourselves in sunshine and Mexican food, followed by one magical day in Disneyland on our drive back home. 
I can honestly say I have dreamed of this meal multiple times a month since its consumption. Truly divine. If you ever go to San Diego, consider Casa de Reyes a MUST stop. 

Come mid-January I was back in Dublin. Which brings me to...

Life Update

Ohhhh guys. Despite the travels, the fun family times and the new puppy, I had a major underlying stress the past few months - I had to move. Emphasis on the HAD. When I was in London for work in November, my flatmate told me that my landlord had slipped a notice under our door telling us that we needed to get out because she was selling our apartment. We had approximately 3 months to pack up three YEARS worth of stuff and find a new place to live. During Christmas time. When I had a month long trip abroad planned. 

Needless to say, I had a bit of a crisis. 

I won't get into the nitty gritty because it's all just a bunch of first world probz, but luckily when I returned to Dublin I found Joey and I an apartment within a week. We moved out of the city center  and now live in a gorgeous little seaside village in Dublin County. We have a walk-in wardrobe (first time in my LIFE I've ever had one and I'm impossibly excited about it!), a way nicer bed and even MORE outdoor space then we had before! So it all worked out for the best in the end. We've never lived together without a flatmate and so far, so great.  ♥ 

I have so many things this year I want to write about! I feel more inspired than ever to get back into it and share lots of stuff - not just travels but lots of lifestyle content too! I hope now that my moving fiasco is over I can finally get a grip on my life and dedicate my downtime to things I am passionate about. Oh, and if you ever want to keep up with me, I am super active on Instagram stories! You can follow me @alyseya