I occasionally have 'basic bitch' tendencies. For example, I love taking photos of my food. Anything unicorn themed or rainbow colored I want immediately. I own a pair of Ugg slippers (not boots, okay. SLIPPERS.) And I LOVE, love love love love, wisteria. 

Every year around this time I wait for it to start popping up and I pretty much freak out whenever I see it. My ultimate dream is to own a house absolutely covered in it. But this wisteria in particular is my favorite in all of Ireland. Not only is it appropriately drenched over the School of Botany on the Trinity College campus, but it's SO bushy and full and well groomed (I'm assuming because the Botany students know what's UP) 

Since the beginning of April, I've made sure to walk through the Trinity campus as much as I could in order to monitor the progress of this beauty. It's truly ridiculous how quickly it comes up once its finally time for it to bloom. 

Some fun facts: wisteria is in the legume family (so like, it's related to beans, lol wut) but it's SUPER toxic so don't try to eat it. It also is notoriously difficult to grow, and can take anywhere from three to TWENTY years to actually bloom once it's planted. Pretty much the definition of "all good things take time." It's native to Japan, so if you google "wisteria Japan" you will see the exactly how stunning this stuff is.

Anyway, I fully realize this blog post is about a bunch of flowers which is totally random, but I forced Joey to have a photoshoot with me and I'm SO happy with how the photos came out that I just wanted to share!

This handsome ass man only made handsomer surrounded by Wisteria (enter heart faced emoji here)

Mark my words, one day I will have a blog post up chock full of photos of me being majestic in Japan under a Wisteria tunnel. Major bucket list item!