Last Christmas Joey bought us flights for a quick trip to Copenhagen, which he scheduled for the weekend before my birthday...which was two weekends ago! Woo! We arrived on a Friday afternoon and left on Sunday afternoon, so it was truly just a quick taste of the city - but I loved it. Unsurprising really considering how much I loved Oslo, it's a very similar vibe (I think I might have a crush on Scandinavia). There's not too many touristy things to do so you can focus on exploring all the quaint streets, shops, & cafes and eating ALLLL the food.

I wasn't there long enough to make a full post of recommendations, but here are some highlights of our trip!

Starting first with my all time favorite apartment I've ever stayed in on Airbnb (and yo girl has stayed in quite a few):


Perfectly curated Scandinavian interior goals

& this couch was the most heavenly piece of furniture I've ever had the opportunity to sit on. Big claim, I know. We loved this Airbnb so much that we spent our Saturday night chilling here instead of out on the town (not that Joey and I are big nightlife people, but you get my point!) I couldn't recommend this place more, you can find it by clicking here.

That being said, our Friday night was much move lively and age appropriate as we spent it running around the stunning Tivoli Gardens (enter like 15 heart eyed emojis here)

Tivoli is a theme park, but not the same type of theme park Americans would think of. Yes, there's amusement rides, yes there's novelty areas, but Tivoli oozes sophistication and zen that I've never experienced in a theme park before. It's very grown up - gourmet food, beautiful design, bougie shopping, floral installations - this place is my actual dream.  It even SMELLS amazing! Like flowers and food and no sweaty people. It's also insanely well priced - entry is equivalent to only $18, and if you want unlimited rides it's only $37! I don't know how the Danes managed to create this wonderland but it is ABSOLUTELY worth the trip!

I also recommend having a meal there, there's SO many cute restaurants with incredible cozy ambiance in addition to a MASSIVE gourmet food hall!

Speaking of food, food culture in Copenhagen is very strong - as is al fresco dining.

  However eating outside isn't the only commonality I noticed amongst locals  - a love of coffee, fresh flowers, and good lighting are also prevalent. All of which I can connect with on a spiritual level.  

In terms of cafes, I really loved Original Coffee for it's lovely view and delicious cookies, and The Coffee Collective for it's general aesthetic and a crackin' iced coffee. 

Outside of cafes and Tivoli, our favorite food spot was Torvehallerne, a traditional Scandinavian food hall chock full of fresh produce, seafood, chocolate, craft booze, and juice:

I always pick up overpriced juices on my holidays because it makes me feel fancy AND like I'm counteracting all of the carbs I'm eating. A win win situation.

The only part of Copenhagen that we got to FULLY explore besides Tivoli Gardens was Freetown Christiania. Yes, friends. We ventured into hippie territory and it was...actually really clean and pretty and nice with lots of art work and music and food?!

When I first read about Freetown Christiania, its lack of government, open drug use, and its departure from the European Union, I definitely expected it to be DIRTY and very uncomfortable. On the contrary, it's such a lovely place! It appears that most people live off of the land, raise and grow their own food, bike, smoke weed and just have generally very happy simple lives. It's no where to be afraid of and is SO interesting to walk through, I think everyone should check it out! 

The only downfall to Freetown Christiania - you can't really take photos there, it's frowned upon. But I was lucky to capture the last two shots of some very cool street art we stumbled upon. 

The only downfall to Copenhagen? The rumors are true - it is expensive. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't go back in a heartbeat!