Controversial thought: I love Valentine's Day. I'm fully aware it's a consumer-driven holiday meant to drive sales post-Christmas, but I am the type of person who will take any excuse to be festive. Besides, it's a holiday that celebrates love and affection, which is a wonderful sentiment and something the world can always use more of. Of course this has the ability to make people feel extraordinarily lonely (which I can easily understand) but even when I was single I would take the time to treat myself on Valentine's Day. I'd happily buy myself chocolate, new lingerie, or even just have a nice long bath. Self love doesn't need an excuse but when love is the theme of the day why not take the opportunity? Likewise, I looooved going out with my girlfriends on Valentine's Day. Galentine's is PRIME. Truth be told there's been PLENTY of years where I had way more fun celebrating with friends than I did celebrating with a partner (sorry lads, but it's true) 

This year I felt inspired to create a bit of a gift guide for in honor of ValGalentine's Day. A list of festive treats that I think would be lovely to treat yourself or your Galentine/Valentine to that isn't your typical flowers/chocolate/perfume. My last gift guide was two Christmases ago and it's one of my most popular posts ever, so I hope you guys enjoy! 

From top left to bottom right, 

'Love Potion' mug, a requirement for a cozy night in 

Notebooks - a fresh notebook is always a nice gift, but I think the idea of giving someone a notebook with a love note written inside is romantic AF. Plus they come in at every price point!

'You're My Significant Otter' enamel pin, extremely corny and I love it 

String of hearts, the cutest alternative to flowers ever 

Red lace bodysuit which looks far less complicated then lingerie with fancy garters and ribbons

Silk robe for $13, how can you go wrong?! 

Ladurée macarons, as an alternative to chocolate (but...why not both?)

Miraval rosé, or any rosé really

Too Faced "Love Light" highlighter to make your cheeks shine for the gods 

Bougie matches which look much cuter than a pack you picked up from a dive bar 

Overose "Nudesse" candle, supposedly smells like roses and rain and I NEED it

Dainty heart ring, pretty and understated 

Pink Fujifilm Instax instant camera to capture endless memories together  

Diptyque Rose Delight candle because look at this dreamy packaging