Long time, no blog. 

I have no excuse really, besides feeling completely uninspired lately. It happens every once in a while! Truth be told I don't think I've been completely cured of it but alas, I figured I was overdue a blog post, especially since I've done a bit of traveling! 

A couple weeks ago I flew to Boston to see some of my favorite people. We took a road trip on a lazy Saturday into New Hampshire to see the White Mountains - and by "to see the White Mountains" I really mean - FOLIAGE. New England in the Autumn has been high on my bucket list forever, and oh my sweet baby Jesus it did not disappoint me. I was completely floored, driving along Kancamagus Highway with my mouth open like a derp the whole time because I actually could not cope with the colors. Spectacular. 

I should mention, all of these photos were taken on my iPhone SE. This place is so beautiful that even my lack of DSLR did not stop nature from dazzling!

Fun fact: this picture and the one above it were taken on a railroad we discovered BEHIND A GAS STATION, proving that beauty truly is everywhere in this part of the country! 

However, I should mention - everything is haunted. Everything. Ghosts a galore, people. For example, this barn we stumbled upon on the side of the road while driving: 

It was broad daylight which is why I agreed to get out of the car and look at it. At night time though that would just be asking for murder. I do not fuck with spirits. 

Arguably the most beautiful part of our trip was this incredible lake we stumbled on, which my iPhone did absolutely no justice to, but if you're ever in the area you MUST stop at Chocorua Lake:  

Some more must-stops: antique stores, yard sales, apple cider donut stands and all "view point" areas! 

 If you haven't put Autumn in New England on your bucket list, add it NOW. When I move back to America I definitely want to make this trip a yearly tradition!