Ireland seems to be holding on tight to the last few moments of summer, but my body is FULLY prepared for autumn. Chilly weather, colorful foliage, scarves, boots, hot coffee, holidays & cozy nights - makes my heart flutter just thinking about it! I'm a Spring baby but for some reason I feel like I thrive the most in the autumn, despite the lack of daylight (which I am NOT looking forward to!)

This summer was unfortunately not great. Being unemployed made for plentiful free time with zero disposable income to do all the things on my summer to-do list, which was a massive failure. I did a grand total of TWO things off of my list - so depressing. First world problems to the max. Hopefully I have better luck in the Fall and can check off my FULL to-do list this time around!

Pumpkin Carving
Last year my friend Lucy invited a couple of us over for a serious pumpkin carving extravaganza/Halloween movie marathon and it was the BEST way to spend a Saturday night. I may or may not already have already looked up some pumpkin carving inspo on Pinterest. I take my pumpkin art very seriously, people!  

Walk along the canal
The canal is always a nice place for a walk, but in the autumn it's definitely at its finest (dat foliage tho). I'm keen to have a stroll (with an inevitable photoshoot) and end up at the Schoolhouse Bar for some pub grub. 

Halloween Party
Last year my friend Molly dragged me to a 1920s themed Halloween party at the IMMA and it ended up being one of the coolest things I've done in Dublin. DJs, live music, aerial performers, circus acts, tarot reading, photobooths, speed-dating (seriously) and endless themed drinks + EVERYONE dressed up. I fully plan to relive this night Oct 28th! Click here for event info if you're interested!

Visit Bailey Lighthouse
I've hiked in Howth plenty of times but I've never explored the Lighthouse. I found out the other day there's an area you can park & have a short walk (as opposed to a 2+ hour hike from Howth train station) so I want to explore it before the weather goes to shite! 

Drive-in Movie
Retro Drive-In Movies has a killer lineup for this season (gonna be hard to choose between Hocus Pocus, Labyrinth, and Ghost Busters!). If you live in Dublin and haven't been, it's such a fun experience. The quality of the screen and sound are surprisingly good & they have tons of food vendors around all night! 

Autumnal Baking Day
Last year I had my ladies over to make pumpkin-flavored treats and it was legit. Round 2 needs to be scheduled! 

Bray to Greystones cliff walk
Because it was on my summer to-do list and was NOT accomplished. I have zero excuses because it's virtually free to do, so before the weather turns freezing I am DETERMINED to make it happen. 

Similar to the Bray to Greystones situation, it was not checked off my summer to-do list. This one, however, is quite expensive, so I'm not entirely surprised I never got around to it. On the bright side, the idea of kayaking in cooler weather does sound much more appealing! 

Toast s'mores on my roof 
Basically an excuse to use my BBQ one more time before it has to be put away for the winter. Unfortunately, finding s'mores materials is stupidly difficult in Ireland. Chocolate is easy peasy, but finding jumbo mallows and graham crackers? A daunting task. I'm going to troll the American candy store until I find my salvation. 

A Trip to Boston 
Now this one is currently a *little* out of my reach, but Guns N' Roses are coming to Boston in October, a city where two of my BFFs conveniently live. Tickets were secured long ago (as I thought I would be employed by now) but alas, time is ticking so I wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't end up happening. But the idea of autumn in New England & a visit with my favorite people sounds absolutely delightful (+ a visit to Salem in October is a bucket list item!)