This sprawling beauty is one of my favorite places in the entirety of Dublin. Being amongst lush greenery, the smell of blooming flowers and the overall atmosphere of a traditional glasshouse is so relaxing to me. It makes me feel introspective and inspired. That being said, I am a plant lover in general - I may look like I'm in my 20s but I love a garden center just as much as my 80-year-old grandma. My boyfriend on the other hand...not so much. But he was kind enough to drive me up to the gardens last weekend for a wander and I managed to capture some snaps that I wanted to share with you all! 

When you approach the gardens, you're welcomed by the sight of two huge glasshouses just begging to be photographed. 

 They've been meticulously manicured and structured for optimum dreaminess. 

The star of the show is definitely the palm glasshouse, which feels like walking into an entirely different country. The air is humid and warm, the big glass windows reflect the sound of a stream trickling through the room and there's even a frickin' tiki hut sitting around - because why not? 

Straight outta The Jungle Book, am I right? 

Attached to the palm house is the cactus/succulent house which is my personal fave. My own apartment is covered in succulents so this glasshouse is allllll kinds of goals:

I'll take one of everything, please - except the fluffy cactus. I want two of those. 

If you're an outdoor garden enthusiast, fear not -  the gardens go far beyond the glasshouses. There's plenty of places to stroll, picnic, and enjoy the sunshine if the weather allows for it! 

The colors in this place - I cannot deal. So stunning. 

In the summer months you can visit the rose garden, which is underwhelming in my opinion (not quite as lush as the rest of the space) but still charming. 

The Botanic Gardens are located up in Glasnevin, which for most Dubliners is quite the trek - but if you are a lover of all things green and floral, it's a must visit!

You can visit Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or Sat & Sun 10am - 6pm. Unfortunately, furry friends are not allowed, but if you're lucky you can catch a glimpse at some of the gardens finest residents: