Ever since I was little, I've loved taking baths. My Mom used to run a bubble bath for me, lay out her softest towels and give me pear slices and a big glass of ice water as a special treat when I was a kid. Now that I'm older I still do the exact same thing for myself but I get a little more fancy with it. Once a week I try to run myself a bath, light candles, get myself a big glass of water and some fruit and do all my beauty pampering to spruce me up for the week ahead. I look forward to it so much that I when I moved I literally refused to look at apartments with no bathtub - potentially one of the brattiest moments of my life. 

For my fellow bathtime connoisseurs, I wanted to create a little list of recommendations and share a couple products I've been lusting over. 


Invest in good quality towels 
One of my life mantras is that if its something you use every day, get the best your money can buy -  and towels are DEFINITELY one of those things! Cheap towels are scratchy, they stain easily and start to unravel quickly. They also tend to be really tiny - ain't nobody got time for that. I'm obsessed with my towels from Hugo Boss, they are HUGE, super soft, have amazing absorption and make me feel like I'm at a spa. If the name Hugo Boss just terrified you, fear not - I found mine at TKMaxx (The Irish version of TJMaxx) for 20 euro! But even at full price (70 euro) the cost per use would be worth it. I've had mine for almost 2 years and they look brand new!

Use white, scentless candles or tealights 
I love a good scented, fun colored candle - but not in the bath. Bath time is for relaxation, solitude and cleansing. Historically speaking, during magical rituals white scentless candles are lit because they promote cleansing, healing and new beginnings.  I think that alone is really cool and reason enough - but they're also better for the environment (thus better to be lit in small spaces like bathrooms), don't evoke scent memory, don't get in the way of the scent of your bath products and are way, way cheap!

Get yourself a buffer brush 
My life changed after I discovered the buffer brush. They're so cheap and SO effective. While you're waiting for your bath to fill up, take your buffer brush and in circular motions buff your entire body, starting from your extremities and working towards your heart. This increases circulation which reduces the appearance of cellulite and gets allllll of the dead skin off your body. After doing this & taking a soak, I guarantee you will get out of the bath and feel like SILK. The only downfall is that buffer brushes are very rough and can therefore be painful on sensitive skin, leaving you red for a little bit. But if you can stomach the sensation, you won't be sorry!

Favorite products: 

If you haven't tried a Lush bath bomb yet, you are seriously missing out. These beauties come in tons of different scents, shapes, and colors and are made with the loveliest skin softening ingredients.They truly have something for everyone - whether you want zero color and a light fresh scent or a galactic glitter rainbow bath, they got you. My favorite is 'sex bomb' and 'the comforter' bubble bar. 

If you suffer from extreme stress and/or spend entirely too much time on a computer, this is for you. This stuff is expensive, but for a reason - it will relax you like nothing else in the world. These bath salts were made by a famous aromatherapist to mimic the effects of valium. They claim to balance your pH levels and natural energy flow. They also calm stress palpitations, combat insomnia and help heal and clarify skin. They're so powerful that you can't actually use them while you're pregnant, and you're not supposed to touch any for electronics 30 minutes after use. I actually don't use this product too often because sometimes I feel like it's TOO relaxing and will put me right to sleep when I still have things to do - but it's are definitely one of my top 10 beauty products of all time!

I've been using these since I was a teenager! It's a luxury product thats not too expensive, comes in so many different yummy scents and is very gentle on the skin. They can be used to create BIG bath bubbles or just as a simple body wash. They also say you can use these a shampoo buuut I'm a little too picky about my haircare to do that. I love the cinnamon bun scent in the winter time, makes me feel so warm and festive. 

Wish List: 

I eye up this stuff every time I walk by a Laura Mercier counter. Truthfully, anything with 'creme brulee' in it automatically has my intrigue, but this stuff smells heavenly and looks thick and luxurious. I've read great things about it online, so it's definitely on my radar for when I run out of products. 

If this stuff is good enough for Emma Watson then it's certainly good enough for me! Based off of Cleopatra's famous bath ritual of whole milk, honey and herbs, this stuff claims to help regulate your hormones and clear up stretch marks. It is violently expensive for a bath product so not something I'd purchase on a whim, but definitely considering it as a treat to give myself if I check off a big accomplishment in the future.

If you have any recommendations or a tips for me pleaaaase leave them below! And if you've used either of the products on my wish list I'd love to hear your thoughts!