Monday, July 11, 2016

Day trippin': Skerries, Ireland

Last weekend I told Joey I wanted to take a drive to explore somewhere in Ireland I've never been before. Ireland is pretty tiny and I haven't seen a LOT of it, which is a massive shame considering how long I've lived here! He wasn't in the mood to go anywhere too far away, so we agreed to visit a lovely little seaside town called Skerries, about 40 minutes outside of Dublin.

I'm gonna keep it real here....there is only one reason Skerries was on my Irish to-visit list to begin with: it is home to a popular pub called 'Blue Bar' that SUPPOSEDLY has the best chicken wings in Ireland. That is a BOLD claim, so I felt obligated to investigate. I have no shame.

Our intention was simply to drive up to Skerries, fill our bellies with wings, and leave. Fat person day trip #1: complete.

HOWEVER, our visit ended up being a little more exciting than that. On the way to Skerries harbour, we passed by a sign that said "Ardgillan Castle." Within 15 seconds of seeing the sign Joey immediately changed his course. The boy knows that if there is a castle nearby, I need to go.

I had NEVER heard of this one before, and neither had Joey. Strange considering its proximity to Dublin + my hours of online castle hunting. We pulled up to a parking lot right next to the seaside, took a 5 minute walk through a forest and BOOM, castle magic:

Alright, if I'm being honest, this is not the most impressive Irish castle I've seen. I love the seaside location, but the actual castle itself did not floor me. However, the castle grounds are lovely. There were tons of people there BBQing, setting up camp, walking their dogs and enjoying the decent weather we were having. However, by far the most enticing part of the grounds (to me, at least) was its garden. I may look young in my photos but I assure you, I am actually an 87 year old garden-loving granny. Look at all these BLOOMS!

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So majestic. In my mind I was a Celtic princess wandering through my family's garden in some like, flowing white gown with a flower crown on. Obviously.

We spent a couple hours wandering the grounds before hunger struck and we head off to Skerries harbour to finally get us some of DEM WINGS.

Ladies & gentleman, the MAIN EVENT:  

Verdict: they were absolutely delicious, but not the best in Dublin. If you like wings my favorite are from TriBeCa in Ranelagh, and the Vintage Cocktail Club in Temple Bar. But there's no denying these are incredible tasty!

Once we were fully satisfied and ready to head home, we stepped outside Blue Bar and thought...wait a second...this place is actually gorgeous??

The harbour is covered with gorgeous shells and rocks, which is fairly typical for Ireland, but alas, it also holds something VERY rare and special...

A beach, with actual SAND and crystal clear turquoise water. WHAT IS THIS!?

We took a mandatory walk by the water, got an ice cream, and finally head back to Dublin. Overall, a very successful day. If you're Dublin based, make sure you spend a decent summer's day in Skerries, it's well worth the visit!

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