Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What I bought in: San Francisco

From top left to bottom right: 

Mac & Cheesus: Yes, this is macaroni shaped like biblical figures. Yes, this was extremely overpriced at the flea market and I bought it anyway for the lawls. No, I have not eaten it so I can't account for the taste - but the packaging alone had me sold. Maybe the best (usable!) gag gift ever? You can check their website here (it's also hilarious): - part of the proceeds go to food banks!

Charlotte Olympia for M.A.C. lipstick in 'Retro Rouge': I was drawn in by the amazing packaging, but stayed for the brick red color. You can see a close up of it by clicking here! A cheeky early birthday present to myself.

Seashell + air plant: During a day trip to Half Moon Bay, Joey and I stumbled upon an incredible garden with a pirate ship in it. Sadly the garden was closed, but we noticed it was attached to a shop so we decided to have a browse. Best idea of my freakin' LIFE because this shop was filled with seashells, succulents, air plants and crystals. Um, WHAT? Best shop stumble EVER. Appropriately named Oddyssea (oddities by the sea, get it?) it's a seriously cool shop + garden to visit if you find yourself in Half Moon Bay. 

Sunglasses: I have 4 pairs of sunglasses and I literally forgot to pack any of them. Good job, Alyse. Needless to say, they are a requirement for a California trip, so I picked these up at Nordstrom for $12 in the BP/teen department. A great alternative if you're not looking to spend a lot of money on a designer pair!

Nars 'Sheer Glow' foundation: I was out of foundation, and MAN is this cheaper in America. I switch between this and their 'All Day Luminous Weightless' foundation. I swear by Nars! So glowy and gorgeous.

Burberry 'Fresh Glow': Severely overpriced liquid highlighter that I seriously could not resist when I saw it at Sephora. Still testing it out, not sure how I feel yet!

International Driver's Permit: Hide yo kids, hide yo wife & hide yo husband cuz IMA BE ON THE ROAD IN EUROPE. Summer road trips are calling my name!

Flash tattoos: I actually won these at Dave & Buster's! Potentially the best thing I've ever won at an arcade because I love these for summertime.

Bath & Body Works 'A Thousand Wishes' body spray: Ugh, I love the way this smells. Apparently a lot of people do because this stuff won an award from the Fragrance Foundation! It has notes of champagne, starfruit, peonies, freesia, sandalwood, almonds, amber, quince & musk. I'm fully aware how weird that sounds but to sum it up, I feel like this is a sultry adult version of the super sweet body sprays I used to love as a teenager. 

Anthropologie 'Volcano' candle: Amazing fruity candle in unicorn colored packaging. Sign. Me. Up.

Apple iPhone SE: I never upgraded to the iPhone 6 because I wasn't keen on how big it was. This phone is everything I loved about my iPhone 5s but with more battery capacity, speed, camera pixels, and space. Incredible. And I got $150 off for turning my old phone in!

Bath & Body Works 'Tahiti Dream' body scrub: You can't really tell in the photo, but this stuff GLOWS. 100% mermaid packaging. Plus it's actually a seriously good scrub that smells amazing. It has notes of coconut water, frangipani, vanilla, jasmine, & mandarin. Seriously summery stuff.

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