A couple weeks ago I hopped on a train down to Waterford to spend the weekend with my lovely friend Claire. 

Claire and I met a couple years ago in San Francisco where we were both working at the same radio station. Claire is Irish and was there on a working holiday visa, I had just returned from doing my Master's Degree in Dublin. We only got to bond for a short period of time before Claire's visa expired and she had to go back to Ireland, but the love we created was everlasting. She is my spirit animal. We always joke that we should trade lives -  she can live in San Francisco in the sunshine and I can take her life in the Waterford countryside. Which, until this trip, I had never visited before! 

But let me tell you, it's a true beauty: 

We spent the weekend catching up, doing some serious eating, and touring all the important sights, like this incredible miracle of nature: 

Hahahaaaa this makes me laugh every time I see it. Fatty goats have a special place in my heart. These guys were literally guarding the entrance to a hidden castle that is casually 5 minutes from Claire's house: 

Side note: have you seen goats in trees!?! If you haven't you need to click here. These little bastards can get some serious air - their hopping skills are apparently legendary. These are NOT photoshopped! 

Ok, back to the real miracles of nature, like this ridiculous waterfall we hiked on a Saturday afternoon: 

This beauty is also a casual drive from Claire's house - no big deal. 

The base of the waterfall gives you a view of the sea, the countryside, and some sheep. Ireland, ladies and gentleman: 

Pictures don't really convey how intense this thing is, it was a proper rock climb to get to the top! We started out all smiles:

But quickly found ourselves drowning amongst the rock (spot Claire to the right!):

However we did prevail and reach the top, where we spent a good deal of time looking out onto our kingdom: 


Claire and I both love being by the water, so she also made sure to chauffeur me around to all the quaint little seaside towns where we spent our time petting dogs, taking selfies and enjoying the scenery: 

We did explore the city of Waterford a bit, but sadly my camera died during those excursions. A quick trip, but I'll definitely be back! Where there's friends to be seen, food to be eaten, and pictures to be taken you can always count me in for round 2. See you again soon, Waterford!