The third and final installment of my Marrakesh blogs is definitely a relaxed one.

We woke up late, had breakfast on the terrace, and walked over to one of Marrakesh's biggest attractions - Jardin Majorelle. On the brochure, it was described as a "magical, enchanting garden oasis." - um, those are 4 of my favorite words - so obviously we had to go. Also it was Vaaaaalentine's Day! So I figured instead of buying me flowers, Joey could buy me entrance into this gorgeous majestic garden.

When we arrived, I was disappointed to see I was not the only person keen to see this garden on Valentine's Day - the place was absolutely packed! I won't lie, this did lower my enjoyment level. I feel like gardens are at their best when they have a tranquil energy, whereas this one was absolutely buzzing with tourists.

That being said, this place definitely lives up to its description:

It is STUNNING, and so immaculate. The man who created it spent 40 years making sure the garden was perfect, and it shows. It looks like the garden of a palace in a Disney film about a Moroccan princess.

Don't be fooled by my photos, there were a LOT of people there - I am just a sneaky photo ninja always on the look out for a good tourist-free picture!

If you're planning on going to Marrakesh, it's a must-visit kind of place. Even if you're not into gardens, the history is equally as interesting!

After our jaunt through the flowers, we grabbed a cab back into the old town to visit Ben Youssef Madrasa, the local university. To be honest, the only reason we went is because we had some extra time to kill before our flight, but I am VERY happy we did, because the campus is so, so gorgeous: 

We spent a good hour roaming the halls and taking stupid photos of each other whenever possible. 

On our way to the university, we got a little lost (note: it is NOT hard to get lost in Marrakesh) but luckily we got some help from a lovely man we met near the souks, who insisted he dress up Joey and take a photograph with him: 

This photo cracks me up every time I look at it. EVERY. TIME. 

One thing I do love is that Joey originally was going to hold his sword up battle-style, but the man said "No no no - peaceful. We must be peaceful." and I thought that was a very simple yet  meaningful thing to say. 

After our university tour, we head back to our hotel for one last sunset on the terrace before our flight back to Dublin: 

Neither of these photos have been saturated, the sunset really was this brilliant. It made it hard to say goodbye!