I know, I know - please don't say it - I am highly aware I am full of broken promises when it comes to blogging. Especially this year, I have been the absolute worst at keeping it up! That being said, I do maintain that I truly love it. My readership is small, but mighty, and I think about you guys often. I have not abandoned you, I swear!

So no more promises, I've officially forbidden myself from making them. Instead, I'm gonna say I have lots of adventures coming up that will hopefully inspire me to blog. Yeeee! 

In the mean time, I thought I'd share some snaps with you guys just to prove that I'm alive and kicking. A couple weeks ago, my partner in crime and I made the trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles via Highway 1. I'm sure most of you have heard of Highway 1, but in case you haven't it's a very picturesque drive that takes you down the California coast. Considered one of the most beautiful in the world, it's filled with tons of gorgeous places to stop and enjoy yourself. A must-have on your bucket list! Here are some of the places we stopped: 

1. Bixby Bridge - A magnificent piece of architecture spread over what is 110% a mermaid lagoon 

2. Big Sur - One of the most calming, magnificently beautiful untouched landscapes:

Big Sur is chock full of amazing things to see, but we really only had time to enjoy two of them. First stop? Pfeiffer Beach: 

Now, I'm going to be honest here, the #1 reason I picked Pfeiffer Beach is because it's known for being covered in purple sand. You read that correctly, young grasshoppers. Sand. On a beautiful beach. That is purple. Sounds FREAKIN' awesome right? Well as you can see by the photos above...that wasn't exactly a thing. I spent a good 20 minutes questioning if we were even in the right place! Alas, apparently the sand isn't a year-round phenomenon. Give it a Google and you'll see what I was expecting. That being said, the beach was very pretty and a nice place to people watch:

To make up for the lack of purple sand, the Universe was kind and let us stumble upon this incredible little rock sculpture garden right along the border of the beach and the forest: 

Apparently it's been around for the last couple years, and has some of the most elaborate rock sculptures I've ever seen. The rock bridge above for example - incredible. If you visit, make sure you look in the trees, some of the sculptures have made their way into the branches! 

Big Sur stop #2 had to be McWay Falls. Because, I mean, look at it: 

Magical. Mermaid. Freaking. Lagoon. 

I would pay big money to have a picnic on the beach and take a shower under that majestic waterfall! Sadly that would be strictly forbidden. Truly for the best, this natural beauty deserves no human tampering. 

3. Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery -  Literally a place to stop and gaze at FATTY elephant seals

And when I say fatty, I mean FATTY: 

Look at these bastards. They seriously do nothing all day except eat and sleep in the sun. Some of them do not move for HOURS, to the point where you ask yourself "are these guys even ALIVE?" However, when they do move it's to slap fins and smother each other in cuddles. Highly amusing, and definitely worth the stop. Just prepare yourself for the smell! 

4. Santa Barbara Pier - our final stop before reaching LA, and a perfect place for a sunset stroll: 

If you're so inclined, the Pier has some tasty looking seafood restaurants. We, however, picked the more road-trip worthy option and stopped at an In-N-Out burger before reaching our final destination in L.A. 

Full trip time: 10 hours, including stops. It's amazing what you can do in a day when you get an early start and put your mind to it!