Friday, May 30, 2014

Motherly Visits

This past week my lovely crazy sassy Mother came to visit me! I haven't seen her in 5 months so I was super excited to spend some time with her. I've missed her so much!

     (Shitty Dublin Castle selfie fresh out of the rain)                                                         (Dublin Castle Gardens) 

To be honest we didn't do anything too crazy, just relaxed around Dublin and enjoyed each other's company for the most part. I took her to Dublin Castle where I showed her the gardens. We took walks through St. Stephen's Green and Iveagh Gardens and explored lots of shops. We saw two movies (The Other Woman which was funny enough, and Maleficent which was FRIGGIN' AMAZING!) We took a train ride down to Killiney where I showed her the beach. We went to a Lego Art exhibition which was so bad ass. We even saw a play at the Gaiety Theatre - first play I've seen in a long time. I've missed watching theatre so much! 

     (Cute dog + pretty door near St. Stephen's Green)                                          (Quaint cottage inside Iveagh Gardens) 

       (Starry Night IN LEGOS. Mind = blown)                                                                                   (Gaiety Theatre) 

One adventurous thing we did do was take a day trip to Galway. We ate lunch and took a bus tour of the city. We caught amazing weather, which is so rare. Galway is always pissing rain, last time I was there I constantly looked like I had just stepped out of a shower - not cute! 

                     (Downtown Galway)                                                                           (A cute view from our tour bus) 

While we were there my amazing mother bought me an authentic Claddagh ring. Galway is where the Claddagh was created, and the original shop still stands. I told her not to but she did it anyways because she knew how much I had been lusting for one. I have a silver one I got in Dublin in 2012 and I wear it all the time, so I knew one day I wanted a real one. Here it is, in all its rose gold glory: 

I've always really loved these rings because of what they stand for. The hands are friendship, the heart is love, and the crown is loyalty. I think it's lovely to wear something that has a meaningful message as positive as that! 

And to top it all off, while she was here we ate absolutely fuck load of delicious food: 

I weigh about 650 pounds right now. Let's just say with my boyfriend being gone for the last 3 months, eating has been my salvation to replace....well, you know. OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS! 

My mother left today, and I'm sad to see her go. We had so much fun together! I know I don't have too much content to share but I thought I would make this short post because I haven't updated in a while. Earlier this month I was insanely busy with exams - which I'm happy to say are now OVER! All I have left now is my dissertation, which I will be working on all summer.

Oh, and apologies for the iPhone pics in this post. I broke my camera. Yes, my very fancy and expensive DSLR. WHO IS SURPRISED?? (No one.) Lucky for me it's getting fixed - at a price. When I have my sweet baby back, I hope to document a lot of my summer before I head back to the good ol' USA in September. I can't believe my year is almost over!

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