Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Man & Moher

I blame the lack of updates in October on this guy right here. He came to visit me for 3 (!!) weeks, and suddenly my rather dull school-centered daily life got a lot brighter. 

Some of our adventures, horizontally from top left to bottom right: 

1) Spent an afternoon at the Guinness factory learning how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness (I'm surprisingly not as bad as I thought I would be) followed by a tasty seaside dinner in Howth, a very cute Dublin suburb. 

2) Caught some gorgeous weather, so we ate gelato in the park and then took the Dublin Viking Splash Tour, which is so touristy and ridiculous but really fun. You ride around town in a little Viking ship wearing Viking hats (hence the photo) whilst being told about Viking history in Ireland by an Irish dude dressed as a Viking. You're also supposed to fist pump the sky and make a Viking roar whenever you see a large group of people. Then the wheels come off the boat and you get to take a little cruise around a harbour. As I said - completely ridiculous. But fun. 

3) Halloween! We spent an afternoon at a couple Halloween shops trying on janky costumes and decided to be a pin-up girl and a pirate. We went out to this place called Cafe En Seine, which is essentially a mansion turned bar/restaurant, which they turned into a haunted-mansion-looking club for Halloween. Very cool. 

4) We went to kiss the Blarney Stone! Another thing on my bucket list I'm happy to tick off. We also stopped off for an afternoon in Cobh and an evening in Cork, where we took dumb selfies while we we're bored waiting for the bus. Blarney Castle is absolutely stunning. I want to go back just to walk around the castle gardens more and spend some time by the lake. 

5) Took a stroll around Phoenix Park, which is frickin' huge. We didn't even cover a quarter of it! But we did stop by the famous obelisque (you can kind of see it in the background) - which is famous for being the second biggest obelisque in the world behind the Washington Monument. Guess I can say I've seen the top two now - perhaps it's a bucket list item I didn't know I had!? 

6) Mirror selfies in Malahide Castle, a lovely former-home in a Dublin suburb. It's just a big tastefully decorated castle with pretty gardens. I'm planning on moving in within the next 10 years or so. 

I didn't take a lot of photos when he was here because I couldn't for the life of me find my camera charger. A part of me was gutted (especially when we went to Blarney Castle) because I've been itching to bust out my camera since I got here, but the other part of me reveled in just being all starry-eyed with Joe and not feeling the need to document it. That being said he did surprise me and buy me a new camera charger while I was at school one day (insert the emoji with the hearts in its eyes here) so I got to document one of our biggest outings - the Cliffs of Moher! 

For those who have been reading my blog since last year (can't believe it's been over a year since I started this thing!) - you'll remember I went to the Cliffs with Angelina last winter. Naturally, after wanting to see them for years (literally since I was like 13) and finally making the trek, it was so foggy and cold that you literally could not see anything. Not even a damn outline of them. It was very depressing! 

This time my journey was farrrr more successful, thank god: 

We got to the Cliffs by taking the train to Galway and then driving. When we arrived in Galway, it was POURING rain and crazy overcast, so I definitely assumed the worst. I even suggested that we don't even bother going to the Cliffs because we wouldn't see them. But Joe insisted that we try, and man am I happy that I listened to him! 

Oh my gaaaaahd, so beautiful. We spent a good couple hours hiking around them and it was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. They're magical and romantic and mystical and ugh. Probably one of my favorite spots in the entire world. Except I will say it was insanely windy - so windy that at one point when I tripped in the mud (naturally) I thought I was going to get blown over into the ocean and die. Wind and I get along really well, as you can see by this gem that Joe captured:

After the Cliffs we headed back to Galway where we had a nice fancy dinner before catching our train to Dublin. Galway is cute but not somewhere I'd ever want to live, it's pretty tiny and not too exciting. It's nice for a visit, though. I would definitely go back!

(Downtown Galway) 

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