Wednesday, September 4, 2013

La La Land pt. 2 (Los Angeles, California)

Last week my lovely friend Julie and I packed up my car with snacks and road-tripped down to Los Angeles for a three day jaunt to visit our friend Grant. I am not a big fan of driving to LA, it takes anywhere from 5-7 hours (it takes an hour to fly there!) and the drive is the ugliest, most boring drive ever. The highway is filled with lots of big, slow trucks and at night it looks like a scene from a slasher film. That being said, you can't go to LA without a car, and Julie and I didn't want to rely on Grant to drive us everywhere, so off we drove! 

We arrived early Tuesday morning, and after some sleep and some food, the weirdness ensued (I'm a poet!) 

Julie hadn't seen much of LA before this trip, so we went to lots of the touristy places. Stop #1, Santa Monica Pier, where the two gems above were taken. 

It was hot and humid as balls outside, my hair turned into an afro after about 5 minutes of walking around. But before that, we did try to take a normal photo...

But that didn't last too long before we decided making love to the binoculars was a good idea 

Stop #2, Hollywood Boulevard to say hello to the walk of fame, do some lingerie shopping and bond with the frightening hobos on the street 

Stop #3, Griffith Observatory to take in some views and choke on some good ol' LA smog. 

(I am the tiny person on the left who thinks they're pointing to the city but completely missed it)

I had never been up to Griffith Observatory before, and though I wasn't kidding about choking on smog (it's nasty) but the view is really spectacular. 

The next day we piled in my car and headed even further south to San Diego ("A whale's vagina" - please tell me someone understands that reference) 

(San Diego's Old Town) 

We spent our day indulging in mind-blowing psychic readings (my future is looking pretty good!),  some insanely delicious Mexican food (I honestly have had better Mexican food in San Diego than I have in Mexico), and the company of our friend Kait, who recently moved down there. 

The next day Grant and Julie explored Malibu while I caught up with my friend Mel, then we started our journey back to the Bay Area. A quick but lovely trip. Even though I don't like Los Angeles, I can't beat the time spent with my crazy ass friends! 

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