Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summertime, and the livin's easy

The other night I had a sleepover with two of my best friends from college - Kait & Julie. They came over to my house, we had ramen for dinner, went to visit my friend Dylan, then came back to my house where we ate way too many gummies and oreos and took these ridiculous photos at like 2am. These photos literally make me laugh so hard that tears swell up in my eyes (the bottom left photo of Julie and the top right photo of Kait have been cropped and put into my phone so that they show up when each of them calls me - best idea I've ever had.) I know I talk a lot of shit about how I sit around my house all day doing nothing but watching bad TV (and don't get me wrong - I still do that like a pro) but these photos made me realize that I had indeed been having fun and doing things with my summer, things that I've been capturing via my iPhone (which now has a cracked screen from me dropping it in the middle of a road. Alyse Allain: world's worst electronics owner) and thought would be fun to look back on and remember. 

Some fun memories, from top left to bottom right:

1) Spending the day with my BFFs Marisa & Julie, eating pizza, shopping in Berkeley and stopping off at Grizzly Peek; a mountain with a view that spans all of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Marin and beyond. It's pretty incredible, and we caught it on such a gorgeous day!

2) This little monster may look cute, but let me tell you she is a demon. I got commissioned to babysit this beast for a long weekend while her owners went on vacation. All I had to do was walk her twice a day and spend the night in their house so she didn't get lonely. Sounds easy, right? WRONG. She is a tricky, stubborn little bitch. The house that I was staying in was very large and at night time became particularly creepy. I was told to put her into her cage when I wanted her to sleep, but she refused. I tried everything - throwing a ball into it, putting a leash on her and dragging her into it, I even made a trail of breadcrumbs to lure her in. Nothing worked. So I let her sleep on the couch with me. At about 2am one night I wake up because I hear doors opening. Yes, plural, doors. All around the house. I assumed the worst, thinking that there was a break in in process and I was about to get kidnapped and sold as a concubine in the Middle East. That or I was about to be tortured and killed and be featured on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. (Yes I know this sounds a little over the top but trust me when it's 2am and you're alone in a large unfamiliar creepy house with doors opening, you would think the same thing!) After hiding under my blanket for a good 10 minutes out of terror, the door opening finally stopped. Shaking, I got up, turned on some lights, and inspected. All of the doors in the entire house were open - but no one was to be seen. Suddenly, the damn dog runs up to me, happy as can be, as if she was saying "Look what I did! Aren't you proud?"  I put two and two together and realized that the talented bitch knew how to open doors. When I had this revelation, I literally looked at her a let out a big "FUCK you, dog. Fuck you."

3) Been going on some fun dates with my main squeeze, Joe. This particular photo was taken after a trip to Dave & Busters where we spent the afternoon eating junk food and trying to beat each other at every arcade game and he kicked my ass at all of them. With the tickets we won we got this lovely mustache from the prize counter. So romantic, I know. Feel free to be jealous. Since I got it it's been hanging on the mirror in my car and I've been making people I drive around take photos with it. It also comes in handy for on-the-go car Snap Chats. Teddy bears are a thing of the past, my friends - get your man to win you a mustache!

4) In between sitting on my ass, hanging out with friends, baby-sitting dogs and going on dates I do occasionally go to work. This is a picture of me, Julie, and the band Portugal, The Man. Julie and I hosted a meet & greet for them and got to snap this lovely photo. I know, my job is super difficult and draining. They're extremely sweet and friendly - the only thing I want to know is which one of them named the band because WTF kind of name is Portugal, The Man? Seriously? Some other cool stuff I've gotten to do through work this summer: work the autograph booth at a music festival, go to the SF World War Z premiere and see Brad Pitt standing two feet in front of me, meet Fall Out Boy (they are all tiny, tiny little men), and spend many nights at bars and concerts handing out free stuff and talking to drunk people. Always a good time.

5) Took this notice of filming photo while waiting to shoot a scene for the reality TV show Julie and I were a part of! National Geographic is filming a new reality show in a town near mine about motorcycle makeovers. Julie and I were casted to play two random girls on the street who the main hosts come up to and ask questions about motorcycles. Paparazzi follow us around everywhere now, such a nuisance. The show is called Live to Ride or something like that and airs next month - keep a look out for me if you end up checking it out!

6) Spent a day with my co-workers volunteering in the Presidio gardening ice plant (so random) followed by a picnic at the cold, foggy beach (meanwhile, 40 minutes away where I live its boiling hot.  I hate the heat. The only benefit is that I've been spending a lot of my afternoons swimming! ) Took this selfie gem of a couple of us as we took in a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the beach. Naturally because I suck you can't actually see the bridge in this photo, but it's the memory that counts.

Overall, summer seems to be shaping up pretty well! In the near future I've got the Outside Lands music festival to look forward to, as well as a fancy dinner gala that I'm attending with Joe. Some things I'd like to do before it ends: take a road trip to Tahoe for some quality time at the lake, and a trip down to Los Angeles & San Diego to visit some friends!

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  1. Alyse! Dude...your second story had me laughing because it totally reminds me of the time when Marisa and I stayed at your place one night in high school and we freaked the fuck out because we heard something at the door and then ran down into your mom's bedroom. Lo and behold it was a damn deer.

    Loving your blog, BTW!