Upon turning 23 and realizing I was one step closer to 30 (which is one step closer to me living in a senior home with 15 cats) I decided to make a list of things I wanted to accomplish. I was originally just going to make a regular post, but concluded it would be more fun if I filmed it & threw my friend Julie in the mix for some enhanced entertainment. This is the result of said combination. Apologies for the horrible lighting, my bedroom isn't exactly an ideal studio. 

Please keep in mind all of the things we list are very silly, superficial things. We wanted to have fun with our lists and keep it light and happy instead of diving deep into our psyches and determining any emotional enlightenments we'd like to achieve. 

One thing Julie and I both didn't realize until after we filmed this video is that neither of us mentioned getting married or having children, which is something I think most people my age would have on their lists! This might sound strange to most people but those things just aren't priorities in my life right now. Although I'd be happy if they happened someday, I am in absolutely no rush. I'd rather spend my twenties exploring and figuring myself out. It's also not something I would ever force upon myself. I would never get married just to get married.  I think Julie is the same way. We're both very independent and ambitious! 

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