Sunday, April 21, 2013


On April 16th I celebrated my 23rd birthday!

I spent my week celebrating in different ways - on my actual birthday I sat around in sweatpants, watched Boy Meets World all day and ate a fuck load of food (it was glorious) the next few days I celebrated by meeting up with different friends, treating myself to some pampering and spending an afternoon at my favorite museum (the Legion of Honor!) with my friend Matt. 

(We enjoyed a nice chat on the grass while looking at this ridiculous view) 

I concluded my week with a joint birthday celebration with my beloved Angelina, whose 23rd is only 4 days after mine. We went out to a lounge/club with a few friends. 

The photo on the right shows all the bras hanging from the ceiling above the bar in the club. Needless to say it was a crazy, but extremely fun night! Overall I had a lovely birthday and I'm really excited (and slightly terrified) to see where this age takes me. 

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