Thursday, November 22, 2012

Parisian Adventures

Some glorious photos from my life around Paris!

(enjoying the view from the Sacre Coeur)

(Pretty fall colors near the Metro. I would never have a car if I lived in Paris because the Metro is so fast, widespread and reliable. San Francisco needs to get up on this!)

(My friend Grant from back home surprised me and booked a last minute ticket to visit for Thanksgiving! We celebrated his arrival with cream puff swans, because fuck yeah.)

(the Moulin Rouge at night)

(Celebrating Led Zeppelin day in Montmartre)

(Julie and I spent the entirety of Thanksgiving Day exploring Versailles and it was incredible! Nothing more American than exploring a French palace on a national holiday. I've always been fascinated by Marie Antoinette so I was insanely excited to visit, and it did not disappoint!)

(The hall of mirrors inside of Versailles)
Just an FYI to all of my friends and family who read this, a Parisian night club ate my iPhone, so if you have tried to call or text me the last few days and I haven't responded, this is why. Fuuuuuck my life. Other than that and the fact that I absolutely HATE my neighbors, Paris has been extremely fun, especially because I now have three of my best friends here to share experiences with me!

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