Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Silence in Silvano

After our day trip to Venice, we took a train back to Milan and left early the next morning to meet Angelina's parents in Genova. We all hopped in an extremely tiny rental car and drove to Silvano d'Orba, a VERY small town about 45 minutes away where Angelina's family lives.

When we arrived to our destination, we were greeted warmly by her relatives, who live in a gorgeous 200 year old house. Though it had been renovated, it still had lots of old Italian charm. I made sure before I left to download tons of music and books, because not only is there not a lot to do in Silvano, but there is no Internet access! You'd think I would take this opportunity to disconnect with the world in a relaxing way, but I am not the kind of person who enjoys an idle mind, so I made sure I had things to preoccupy myself!

(Angelina's family's house) 

We spent our time visiting with a lot of old Italian people, which was actually very cool. I got to listen to  some great stories and eat amazing food. Eating takes up a LOT of time! Lunch and dinner are treated like special occasions. Most of the meals we ate were 5 courses, and the fat person inside of me took full advantage of that situation. We also visited Angelina's family crypt (a bit morbid but very cool!), saw a couple of castles and went to a local grappa distillery.

(Canepa family crypt) 

(Angelina and her parents. No resemblance at all!) 

(Tons of grappa for sale at the distillery) 

I won't lie, the minute we got back into Milan for our connecting train I immediately hugged my iPad when I saw the Wi-Fi symbol pop up. But, I am really happy Angelina got to visit with her family. Plus it was really interesting visiting such a small place where people live so incredibly differently from the way that I do! 

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