Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mozart & Marzipan

Vienna is only a 2 hour train ride from Bratislava, but it's absolutely ridiculous how different it is. The minute we stepped off the train it was very apparent we weren't in eastern Europe anymore! Angelina and I stayed with a family friend of mine, Solmaaz, who works in Vienna as an Opera singer & very graciously offered to take us around the city and show us the local fare. We spent a lot of our time checking out different restaurants and bars and just wandering around.

Some cool stuff we got to see/do:

- Naschmarkt, Vienna's largest outdoor market where we got some delicious schnitzel

-a Gustav Klimt exhibit at the National Art museum

- a tour of the Catacombs, which actually was very underwhelming besides the fact that I totally felt like I was Indiana Jones.

- an all you can eat Austrian food buffet (in case you haven't noticed, Angelina freaking love food and enjoy eating twice our body weight whenever possible)

(the ceiling inside the national museum)

Vienna is very aesthetically pleasing and well groomed. The public transportation is flawless, the streets are clean and the food is delicious. Its rated as one of the top cities in the world to live in as the quality of life is spectacular. That being said, the people are ruuuuuuuuuude and very unpleasant for the most part. Also, everything is very expensive. Definitely not a budget destination. But if you enjoy beauty, luxury, and really amazing food, then you will probably love Vienna.

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