After over 100 days of Covid-19 lockdown, Ireland re-opened the majority of its economy June 29th. It's certainly been a journey - one I will never forget for as long as I live. 

Ireland's lockdown was not as strict as it could have been, but I wouldn't call it relaxed. For the first couple months no one could go more than 2km radius (1.2 miles) from their house without facing a €2k fine - when we did leave, it couldn't be for anything but essential services and 1 hour of solo exercise. That eventually changed to 5km (3 miles) and then 20km (12 miles) until the 29th, when Ireland's internal travel restriction was relinquished. 

It was not easy (and it certainly lead me to multiple breakdowns) but now that we've reached the light at the end of the tunnel, I am feeling extra grateful. Not just grateful that Covid is so suppressed in Ireland that we can go to restaurants (indoors!), shop, get haircuts and see friends - but grateful that I got to quarantine in my cozy apartment by the sea, I've remained employed, and that myself & my loved ones have remained healthy. #blessed is an understatement. 

 Needless to say, after 100+ days of not leaving Dublin, I was absolutely itching for a change of scenery. The moment I found out restrictions were being eased  I JUMPED at the opportunity for a getaway. Plane travel is highly discouraged for the foreseeable, but regional travel is encouraged to give Ireland's tourism industry a boost - so the day after Ireland re-opened, I took time off work to get a highly anticipated manicure before heading down to an Airbnb I found by a stroke of luck super last minute - The Hideout.

The Hideout is a cute little treehouse in Wexford, a county South of Dublin. I paid Wexford a visit for the first time last Fall and was keen to re-visit, but honestly I would have gone anywhere this little slice of heaven existed. I've been lucky enough to stay in lots of treehouses (I aspire to have my own one day!) but this one was particularly luxurious and had some gorgeous small touches.

The bottom floor is all living space - couch, fireplace, kitchen (including a mini fridge!) and the loft is where the bed is. No WiFi or TV but plenty of cell service, and lots of power outlets. Anyone who knows me knows that 'roughing it' is not my vibe so though I was thrilled to get out into nature, I deeply appreciated the modern touches.

Upon arrival we greeted our host (from a distance, of course) and immediately settled into relaxing with the help of these cute cocktails waiting for us in the fridge.

One question I got a lot on Instagram is 'WHERE IS THE BATHROOM!?" - worry not, friends. The bathroom is in a separate unit about 2 meters away from the treehouse, and it has this INCREDIBLE shower:

Turns out waterfall shower + beautiful view = miraculous post-quarantine anxiety cure. Who knew?

After a couple of hours of relaxation (& a pizza) we went for a walk to explore the area a bit.

Our aim for the walk was to find this telephone booth we spotted on our way to The Hideout, acting as a cute little community book exchange

Truthfully? There is virtually nothing to do in the immediate area - it's a lot of green fields and cows, but that is exactly what I wanted. No city lights or sounds, no people - just tranquility. If you are in Ireland and looking to book it, just keep this in mind. You'll need a car if you want to explore! Gorey is the nearest town, about 15 minute drive away.

After our walk, we came back, lit the fire, had a cup of tea and we went to sleep.

Waking up to this view the next morning was such a treat. And yes, these windows do have blinds so you're not awakened by blinding light!

We didn't have much of a mission for this trip, but we did want to take advantage of the fact that we could eat at a restaurant, so our first stop was The Wilds in Enniscorthy for a proper sit-down brunch!  It's a cafe/shop combo and easily one of the best places in Wexford - amazing food, amazing space. After breakfast and a bit of exploring, we drove down to Wexford town to check out the shops. We ended up having a bite of lunch in The Centenary Stores - photos don't do this place justice, their outdoor dining space was so beautiful and floral!

We didn't get around to it this trip, but another Wexford recommendation I have is Johnstown Castle, which is a stunning place for a walk. Definitely add it to your list if you pay The Hideout a visit!

After our day of exploration we returned to the treehouse to take advantage of its very fancy BBQ, before settling in the for evening. Post BBQ it started raining - HARD. I am talking torrential, a proper ass thunderstorm -  but the treehouse could not be more perfect for a cozy stormy evening. If you're concerned about walking to the bathroom, in the rain, at night - I feel you. However it's brightly lit and quite covered by trees so it's not as much of an ordeal as you may think.

The next morning we woke up, packed our stuff (the checkout time is a very generous 12pm) and drove into Gorey for breakfast and coffee at The Hungry Bear, which I could not recommend more. Order the french toast and an iced latte for an out-of-body experience.

A quick trip, but so needed. It's amazing what a weekend away can cure! If you're nervous about staying in Airbnbs, I completely understand. Look for places where they leave 24-36 hours between bookings, and places with 5 star cleaning scores. Travel responsibly, be aware of local rules and regulations and leave the place as clean as possible so as not to put the owners at risk. However, as long as your country has the pandemic under control (NOT looking at you, USA) I don't see anything wrong with getting a taste of responsible normalcy. I won't lie, it felt so good.