In the spirit of keeping with tradition, I've made a list to round up all of the activities I want to partake in during the upcoming leafy season. Last year I actually crossed a TON off of my list, including a road trip of the Scottish Highlands which was the highlight of my whole year! I also paid the Harvest Display at the Botanic Gardens a visit, started a fresh notebook, took a walk in the woods, and read LOADS of books. Needless to say, this year's list has a lot to live up to! 

If you're interested, you can see 2018's here and 2017's here

Host an outdoor movie night on my patio 

I bought Joey a projector for his birthday and we figured out that if we hang up a white sheet on our patio wall, it projects beautifully. Also, I want this night to include ALL the snacks - popcorn, ice cream, soda, gummies - the WORKS. 

Lord of the Rings Marathon

A roll over from last year's list that I did not complete! I watched the first one but never ended up watching the other two. It's a big commitment, okay!!  Question is - do I just start with the second this time round?  Or do I start from the first one again? 

Make a bomb ass pillow fort 

Ideally at the same time as the Lord of the Rings marathon. This is my ideal situation. I don't care if I am almost 30, one is NEVER too old to make a pillow fort! (Note: before this post went live, I crossed it off the list! You can find photos in my 'September' Instagram story!) 

Attend a Halloween Ball 

Tickets have been purchased to this and I cannot WAIT! Now I just need to figure out how I want to dress. Last year I was a sugar skull, 2017 I was a gypsy. 2016 I was a pop art girl, and 2015 I was Poison Ivy. We will have to see where my creativity stirs for this year! 

Make the following recipes:

 As a tech snob I am fed breakfast, lunch, & dinner 5 days a week at work - cooking is a bit of a novelty. Since I have the luxury of not having to do it during the week, I want to take advantage of actually being able to enjoy it at the weekend! However, I'm keeping the list small so that I don't disappoint myself. 

Acquire the perfect winter coat

Living in Ireland means my coats get DESTROYED over the winter and I need to buy a new one every year. This year I am learning from my past mistakes and starting the hunt early! 

Enjoy a visit from my Mom

She's coming in October and I am sooo excited to spend time with her! 

Indulge in an Afternoon Tea

I woke up like, 2 weeks ago CRAVING afternoon tea - and I'm talking the whole shebang. Finger sandwiches, bite-sized cakes, macarons, scones with cream and jam, and a GIANT pot of tea. It was not a normal thing to wake up craving but now I have a deep need to satiate this desire (potentially when my Mom is here?!)


A quick ending note to say that I have been pinning so many autumn recipes and vibes on Pinterest lately - for more inspo, click here!