I haven't mentioned this publicly before, but for the last few months I've been unemployed. I was on a contract with my previous employer and I extended it for as long as I could, but alas, all good things must come to an end. Finding a job in Ireland has been SO much more difficult than I anticipated, so needless to say I've been on a VERY strict budget! I've been having some serious first world problems keeping my wallet away from beauty items, so instead of adding them to my cart I'm adding them to my blog. Putting positive vibes into the universe that someone will hire me soon and my expensive beauty habits can continue (as well as you know, rent, food, travel - the essentials!) 

Truth be told, I do not need makeup brushes. I have all the makeup brushes required to keep my face looking fly. But....these are rose gold. And shiny. And look so soft and lovely. Look at the fan brush! look how pointy the liner brush is! I need them. 

I've never actually smelled this perfume before - I'm simply using it as an example as it's got a cult following. What I really want is to spend an afternoon smelling all of Byredo's products and picking one out. I love the names, I love the packaging (I'm such a sucker) and I've heard incredible things about Byredo so - it's on my radar!

I slather myself in this stuff every time I walk into a drugstore. I love the way it smells and makes my skin feel. It makes me wish I was back in California with a great tan so I could have a reason to buy it and smother myself with it (this stuff makes tan legs look incredible!) For those of you who are anti-shimmer, they have a sparkle free option that I'm also considering (though let's be real, I will want the sparkle no matter what age I am.) 

When it's hot outside I can't be bothered to put on a full eye makeup look because I know it's just gonna get all smudge-y. Methinks a quick swipe of this stuff over my lids + some waterproof mascara would be the perfect summer combo! 

I own a Smith & Cult nail polish and I have to say, it doesn't have the best lasting power - but it is so, so pretty and opaque. I saw this color and it's definitely my kind of summer shade, so I began to hunt for an inexpensive alternative. Alas, I've had zero luck, so this beauty is still firmly on my list. 

I've gotten my hands on samples of Oribe's Gold Lust range before and really enjoyed it - but not enough to purchase it. I think because it's not specifically formulated for coarse, curly hair (for those of you who didn't know, I have natural Shirley Temple curls. Weird to imagine I know.)  This range however is right up my ally. Meant for curly girls with damage from straightening. I'm hoping I have a job by the next time I run out of hair product so I can give these a whirl!