A couple weeks ago I flew to Amsterdam for a wedding. I fully intended to take tons of gorgeous photos and make a full post about it but my freaking camera BROKE. It was very sad. I'm still going to put a post together about my recommendations, but until then I figured I'd show you some of the bits I picked up while I was there:

Stroopwafels + vintage tin: 
If you haven't been to the Netherlands, you may not have experienced the ecstasy that is stroopwafels. Sweet baby Jesus, these are good. They're like thin caramel-y cinnamon-y waffle cookies that are unreal with tea or by themselves. Traditionally they're stored in beautiful little tins to keep them fresh, so I figured I would splash out the few extra euro to keep mine in tip top shape (and then use the tin to store something else once I'm done!)

Cheese + a delft print cheese slicer: 
Cheese and I have been in an intimate relationship for years now, and Dutch cheese is some of the finest in the world. After sampling virtually every cheese, I decided this one was my favorite. It's soft and creamy with sharp Italian spices in it - not very traditional but delightful nonetheless. As for the cheese slicer, I picked it up because I have an affinity for delftware, but I quickly realized I have been SERIOUSLY missing out by not owning one of these. If you're a cheese lover, you need to get on this. Slicing cheese has become dangerously easy and quick - you could whip up a MEAN grilled cheese sandwhich with this bad boy!

Kiko makeup: 
Now, this is definitely NOT a Dutch-specific purchase, but Kiko isn't available in Ireland so when I saw it was in Amsterdam I immediately made a plan to pop in. It's a budget makeup brand based out of Milan that I discovered while I was backpacking in 2012. It's SO. CHEAP. and has so many lovely products. I went for two glittery products (festival season is approaching, after all) and a one of their eyeshadows.

Other things you can pick up in Amsterdam - condoms from the Condomerie, fresh (or faux) tulips, and clogs!