One of my favorite places to visit is the Blessington Street Basin. It's a gorgeous little park a nice stroll away from my apartment that is pretty during any time of year, but is currently in its prime.

I'm obsessed with these long purple flowers that cover the park:

And the gorgeous little fairy villages that some excellent human being has created for public viewing

Needless to say, I visit this park a lot. But the surrounding area is a total mystery to me. So the other day we decided to venture beyond the parks gates, and we found something amazing.

An ally with some seriously insane street art (and I absolutely LOVE street art)

I wanted to make a weekend wander to document my favorites because some of these are just unreal!

This looks like one of those things where if you pressed the right brick it would transform and become an entrance to a super secret lair!

Dem eyes tho. 

This isn't even a quarter of what this ally has going on. The amount of art in here is ridiculous.

This last one is definitely a top fave. Click here for a link to the exact location so you can visit too!