Every year I make lists of things I want to do for upcoming seasons in hopes that I will ACTUALLY get around to doing them. This will be my second consecutive summer spent fully in Ireland so it probably won't look much like the photo above (taken in Santa Barbara two summers ago), but my list is filled with loads of Irish adventures that I want to share with you in case you needed some summer adventure inspo!

1. Kayak
Last summer I went kayaking for the first and only time in my life, and I'm itching to do it again! I've found a couple of places around Ireland that offer kayak rentals/excursions and I hope I can make at least one of those adventures happen.

2.  Bray to Greystones cliff walk
Having lived in Dublin for a few years now, it's strange that I've never done this before! It's a very popular hike right by the ocean that's supposed to have insane views. Saving this one for a sunny day!

3. Visit the Fanad Head lighthouse
This gorgeous lighthouse is in County Donegal, an area I've never explored. I'm keen to see the county as well as take some photos of this beauty. I think a weekend trip needs to be in order!

4. Take a drive down to Bantry Bay
I saw this photo and was like well, that needs to be a thing. I also want to go to nearby Glengargriff and take a boat out to Garnish island. It's apparently covered in beautiful gardens with a warm microclimate and loads of seals! Sign me UP.

5. See the Rock of Cashel 
A classic Irish attraction I haven't made my way to yet, and I think it's about time I change that.

6. Spend a day in Cork City
I've been around County Cork, but have spent extremely little time in the city itself. I want to take a day to explore what it has to offer! Note to self: do some research on this. I have literally no idea where to go or what to see. Suggestions welcome!

7.  Visit 'Dog House' Howth
I saw an article about this place a few months ago and it immediately went on my wish list. Any excuse to go up to Howth I'll take (it's a gorgeous little seaside town north of Dublin) but this place is supposed to have cosy vibes with an outdoor living room, fireplaces and best of all - it's dog friendly. Yes yes yes! 

You pay to pet owls and watch them fly at this beautiful old estate. Need I say more? 

9. See the Puffins on Ireland's Eye
My mission to see a Puffin UP CLOSE in the flesh is never ending. Word on the street is Ireland's Eye (a tiny island off the coast of Dublin) has my hook up in the summer months. 

10. Take a summer holiday
Not sure where yet, but before Joey starts school we really want to go explore a new place. On our list: Iceland, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Sweden - all the places that are really cold the rest of the year!