The IMMA is housed within the 330 year old Royal Hospital Kiilmainham. It has a rich, dark history with classically stunning 17th century exterior. For the first 250 years of its existence, it was used as a hospital for soldiers (making it 110% haunted AF) but has since been converted into the world's coolest event venue, picnic spot, and festival grounds. 

It even has a magical castle inspired entrance!

Last Halloween, I attended a 1920s themed prohibition party here that was one of the coolest things I've done in Dublin. I've also been to a music festival here, and I've wandered the gardens with my friends taking selfies and being annoying many a time. However, I had never been to the IMMA - which is kind of crazy, because like most Irish museums, it's FREEEEE! 

Yes friends, come to Ireland and you will never have to pay for a public museum. It's amazing. 

You do, however, have to pay for the special exhibits (which luckily at 8 euro don't break the bank) unless you're lucky like Joey & I and stumble in on a Tuesday. Tuesdays, all exhibits are free. Ooh, and note, if you're still a full time student, everything is always free! 

Now, I enjoy museums of all types, but truth be told modern art museums can deeply confuse me. I occasionally find myself thinking "This probably costs a million dollars yet I could re-create this at my house with $20 of things from Target"  

For example, this room you walked into that was 

Or these sketches which, though very cool, kind of look like the doodles people would draw during high school history class. 

Alas, perhaps I lack the artistic intellect needed to deeply appreciate the depth of the simple looking pieces. Luckily, this museum had a lot of pieces I really really enjoyed. 

They had an exhibit on mysticism that explored the beauty of tarot cards (and those who know me know tarot cards are my jam) 

I also loved this light installation. 

And anything colorful always grabs my attention! 

If art isn't your thing, definitely stop by the Royal Hospital anyway and explore the grounds. Some serious Alice in Wonderland vibes up in there - 


Complete with dripping wisteria. Poor Joey has to deal with me stopping to photographing wisteria constantly. My #wisteriahisteria is very real. 

You can visit the IMMA 11:30am - 5:30pm Tues - Fri, 10am-5:30pm Saturdays and 12pm-5:30pm Sundays. If you're interested in the grounds but you're not a museum person, they're hosting the Forbidden Fruit festival in June, and the brilliant people behind Film Fatale host themed events there all the time!