Not a single time in the 4 years I've been blogging have I ever made a gift guide. Blasphemy! I love gift giving, I've had a Christmas gift list going on my phone as early as July (no shame) so I've decided it's finally time to put out my own version of this classic blog post into the world!

Now let me reiterate: this is a guide. It's meant to spark some inspiration in people looking to give a lovely lady in their life something special. If you find the prices of some of these items disturbing, don't fret - there are cheaper alternatives to literally every single thing on this list. My goal is to make you think "Hey, good idea! I bet little Suzie would love a record player for Christmas!" and then go off and start your own hunt. That being said, if you do fancy a specific item on this list, everything will be linked below and NOTHING is above $300. None of my links are affiliate links, I am not paid to promote any of this, absolutely ZERO money will be made for the intense amount of time I put into this - promise! These are genuine recommendations with no strings attached.

Alright, here we go. Now, remember to check out the corresponding numbers! 

1. White Girl Rosé. ($18.99)  I personally enjoy rosé and when I saw this bottle I deeply appreciated the humor. That being said, wine in general is a great gift (especially for people you aren't particularly close to!) because I think most girls can appreciate an aesthetically pleasing bottle of wine or bubbly.

2. Godiva chocolates. ($35) Godiva is a luxury chocolate brand so it's typically not something people buy for themselves, which makes it a lovely gift. Great for co-workers, also an excellent stocking stuffer! 

3. Laduree macarons. ($2 per piece) Macarons are a popular dessert right now, for a reason. They are equal parts delicious & instagramable and come in so many flavors there's bound to be one that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy. I think a pretty box filled with these bad boys is a great gift to give a friend you've only recently met! 

4. Lush bath bombs. ($3 - $7) Vegan & sensitive skin friendly with TONS of different scents to choose from - none being overly offensive. All of them make for some prime relaxation, not to mention they make your skin feel incredible.  A perfect gift for literally anyone! Only issue: you might wanna make sure they have a bathtub. (Note: my favorite scent is 'sex bomb'!) 

5. The Pineapple Co glasses ($35-$99) I cannot deal with how much I love these. A funky and unique gift for anyone who enjoys homeware. Pictured in this post are the copper shot glasses and the large pineapple tumbler in gold.

6. Candles ($1-$100+) Another gift that is an all-round winner. Everyone loves a nice candle in a pretty container. Finding the perfect scent for someone is the hardest part. If you're REALLY having trouble, I think lavender and vanilla are the two safest picks. Make sure whatever candle you choose that the wax is environmentally friendly! (pro tip: stay away from the ones at the grocery store). Pictured here are two of my favorite brands, Voluspa (in 'French Cade Lavender', $26) and Diptyque (in 'Vanille', $32-$62)  

7. Swarovski pen ($30-$80) I know what you're thinking - "Really, Alyse? A frickin' pen?" but hear me out - pens are something we use every day. Signing receipts, checks, letters, documents, and it's REALLY annoying to be without one. Most of the ladies in your life probably use a shitty pen they got at their doctors office to do these things, so why not spice it up? All these pens write beautifully, are refillable, and have real Swarovski crystals in them. There's tons of different types and colors for people of all ages and tastes. My favorite are the ones where the entire top is filled with crystals (they're the cheapest too!) This would be a great gift for someone who travels a lot and is constantly having to whip out a pen to fill out customs forms, OR someone in your life who loves to write! I got one of these as a gift YEARS ago and it still makes me smile whenever I take it out. 

8. Phone case ($5-$50) Cheap, a perfect stocking stuffer, and everyone needs them. Pictured here are my favorite phone case brands: top left is Rifle Paper Co ($36), top right is Sonix ($16.97), and the bottom four are from my all-time favorite, Skinny Dip ($10-$20)

9. Coloring books + pens. One of the trendiest ways to relax the last few years is to invest in an adult coloring book. I was gifted a couple for my birthday this past year and though I use them sparingly,  it's pure zen when I do. A cup of tea, some coloring books and a stupid TV show is a recipe for a beautiful night in. Perfect for your stressed family member or friend who commutes on a bus/train to work every day. Pictured here is my personal favorite coloring book, Enchanted Forest ($9.49) and a gorgeous looking one I found called Floribunda ($23). The two pencils sets pictured here are the creme de la creme of colored pencils, both from Prismacolor. You can find the top set here ($26) and the bottom set here ($33.99) but obviously any colored pens & pencils will do!

10. Succulent terrarium ($5-$100) The great thing about succulents is that it's easy to be a good plant mother to them, they're extremely low maintenance. Succulents survive even the harshest of neglect, plus they are natural air purifiers! Not to mention they're gorgeous and there's tons of amazing planters floating around for them to live in. I made a blog post a while ago about how to DIY a succulent garden that you can find by clicking here. Succulents themselves run anywhere from $1-$6 a piece at your local garden store, and it's pretty easy to find a cool geometric planter like the ones pictured above for around $20.

11. Hanky Panky underwear ($25 per pair). Underwear seems to be a stereotypical stocking stuffer, so I felt the need to include my absolute favorite brand in this list. Not only are these the most comfortable, flattering underwear I've ever come across, but they also only come in one size. I know what you're thinking, $25 on a pair of one size fits all undies is straight up WACK, and you're right. I remember laughing at the lady who tried to sell me my first pair. She practically ended up begging me, saying that if I hated them she would personally refund me. Luckily I was feeling spendy that day, so alas, a pair went into my bag and I've been completely converted ever since. These are some magical ass panties. You can be a size 0 or a size 14 and they will fit perfectly on you - I mean it. For those with more cushion for the pushin' they offer a plus size panty for size 16+.

 12. Crystal Skull "Aurora" vodka. ($59.99) For your friend who loves to party. Real talk - I hate vodka. I think it's gross and it gives me a terrible headache. However, if someone we're to give me this I would be stoked, because this is the COOLEST bottle ever. If you search for Crystal Skull on Pinterest you'll find tons of ways people have re-used their bottle after consuming the alcohol. One person even made it a fish tank! This is two gifts in one if you ask me.

 13. Mermaid tail blanket ($18-$50) For your friend who loves to be cozy AF. Also for anyone who loves fantasy novels or being by the seaside. I happen to be a combination of all of these people, so this is definitely on my Christmas list this year.

14. Tickets ($5-$300) Straight up, this is by far the best gift you can give. Tangible gifts are fun and lovely, but absolutely nothing beats giving an experience. A weekend away out of the city, tickets to see her favorite band, a trip to a drive-in movie theater, a day at a theme park, a pass for a day spa, a night out at a musical, passes to go snowboarding - there are SO many options here! Plus you two will get to spend time together, which ultimately is way more special and important than anything else on this list.
15. Portable sound system. ($15-$300) Something all ages can enjoy, a perfect thing to give someone that they will ACTUALLY use. The gorgeous turquoise turn table pictured not only plays records, but is also has Bluetooth to play music off your phone (Victrola, $90) The Beats Pill is a more compact option with incredible sound but a little pricier ($150). If you're a go big or go home kind of person, the gorgeous Marshall speaker is the loudest on the market ($300).

16. Headphones. Similar to #15, this is a gift people will ACTUALLY use. Plus headphones these days can be anything from durable & waterproof to a bold fashion statement. Personally, I need something with great sound quality that's also cute and comfy to wear. The sparkly black headphones  are by Friends and meet my criteria perfectly ($200). Skinnydip (same brand as the phone cases I mentioned!) makes the glittery blue ones at a much less painful price point ($45). Or if you're an in-ear woman like myself, the pretty rose gold option is from Cynthia Rowley ($20).

17. Passport holders/luggage tags. Perfect for your nomadic friends. They come in all sorts of colors and designs, and can be as cheap or expensive as you're willing to go. The beauties I've listed are from Under Cover ($25) Ban.Do ($24) Kate Spade ($55) Foily Doily ($30) and Michael Kors ($108)

 18. Luxury lipstick ($20-$80). For a woman who appreciates a full face of glam. An old boyfriend of mine bought me lipstick for Christmas one year because he thought the shade would look great on me and I remember thinking that it was actually a really cute, thoughtful gift. Remember: packaging counts. No one wants to pull out an ugly lipstick from their purse. My favorite brands for luxury lippies are Tom Ford ($53) Charlotte Tilbury ($32) and M.A.C. ($17-$20).

19. Card holders ($10-$300) Practical, cute, and currently trendy. Way nicer to carry around than an actual wallet. TONS of different people make these, including the bougiest of designers. If you got a Prada loving lady but you only have Prad-o kind of money, a designer card holder is an amicable alternative to a $2,000 bag. My picks are from Accessorize ($12) Kate Spade ($50) Saint Laurent ($295) and Dolce & Gabbana ($235, if someone wanted to buy me this one I would be okay with that hehe)

20. Drop bottle ($40) Yes, this is an overpriced reusable water bottle. This falls under the whole "luxury item she won't buy herself but would love to have" category. It's rose gold, shiny, made to be infused with fruit, and part of the proceeds go to clean water charities. A great gift for a lady gym rat or sports addict.

I hope this gave you guys some holiday inspo!