Last weekend I was invited down to County Cork for some good ole Irish exploration!

My lovely friend Katie's husband is from there originally, so myself and my friend Molly played third & fourth wheel and joined them for their weekend plans. We were completely spoiled with hospitality and given a proper tour of the area. Which, in typical Irish fashion, is extremely majestic:

We visited beaches, saw ruins, lots of beautiful greenery & briefly explored the city of Kinsale, which I'm already itching to go back (hint hint nudge nudge, Joey!)

It was a very relaxed weekend and a perfect way to mentally check out from city life for a while.

In an effort to share more on this platform, I've decided to share more of these "weekend wander" photo diaries - short, sweet & photo filled. For those of you who prefer my regular lengthy posts - no worries, those will always be around! But when the mood strikes, I think this will be a cool way to share some photos and update you guys with my smaller adventures.