Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence in Ireland

Happy 4th to all of my American readers! ☆

I held a celebration at my apartment yesterday and it turned out pretty good considering I live 5,000 miles away in a city that has a ban on fireworks. Last week while I was in DC I had a sneaky Target run (or 4) and picked up a couple things to make sure my soiree was as American as I could possibly make it:

Balloons + the garland for a sweet 10 bucks! Also picked up graham crackers, ranch dressing, and American flag napkins. You know, essentials.

Joey and my roommate Hugh played grill masters on the rooftop, and I must say I'm very impressed with their skills. Everything turned out perfectly cooked!

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Speaking of cooking, we had a LOT of food. Not only did I go overboard at the grocery store and buy like 30 people worth of food for my 11 guests, but I asked every guest to bring a dish AND their own alcohol, so needless to say....

These two combined pics weren't even half of it. The amount of leftovers in my fridge will easily last me the entire week!

My friend Lucy brought over the flag, and Joey bought us a beer pong set up. Such babes. They also created THESE incredible edibles:

The watermelon spigot actually WORKED! I did not have high hopes but it was fairly easy and a complete charm. Joey is the mastermind behind this bad boy!

What is an American celebration without an apple pie? Lucy even took the time to cut out friggin' STARS. Such a queen.

I documented my entire day on Snapchat, so be sure to follow me there if you want to see my daily adventures! I'm absolutely addicted and post significantly more often than I do on any other social media outlet. You can find me @alyseya, or you can scan my code located on my sidebar.

I don't have the day off today sadly, but I hope you're out enjoying the sunshine if you do - be safe! x 

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