Hi, hello there, remember me? Yes friends, I have been gone for quite a while. Honestly I have no excuse, all I can say is that my blogging inspiration was non-existent this past month. My brain felt like a bump on a log. But alas, I HAVE RETURNED!

I spent the last 10 days in my nation's capital, good ole Washington D.C. A strange place to spend a summer holiday as a 26 year old living in Europe, but alas - the trip was not for me. I took my lovely hunk of a boyfriend there as a birthday gift to see a Guns N' Roses concert. They're currently having a North American tour, and DC seemed the perfect place to go as it's cheaper to fly to the
East Coast then to San Francisco, and my two besties Shereen & Anne live there and were lovely enough to accommodate us. However, this trip was not entirely selfless - I fucking LOVE Guns N' Roses and was equally as excited as Joey to go. Shereen and I have been fairly obsessed with them since our early teenage years so the concert was a bit of a dream come true!

Though the concert was definitely the highlight of my trip, D.C. itself is a really interesting place to visit. If you've never been before there is a TON of touristy things to do that are extremely rich in American history. However, I've already been there four times and Joey (being a born & bred Irishman) was not particularly interested either, so we didn't feel the need to have many excursions on that frontier. So, I collected a mental list of gems around the city that I LOVED and I felt would be beneficial to share for people who would be less interested in history and more interested in city life. 

Baked & Wired 
(1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW)
This place has some bomb ass coffee and AMAZING baked goods. An excellent place for a quick breakfast run or an afternoon pick me up. Plus its wedged between the Potomac river & a cute little canal, so within a couple minutes walk you can be in the perfect location for a little pseudo picnic. I could really go for an iced latte and their vegan cookies & cream cupcakes right now!

 Founding Farmers 
(1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW)
This place gets a lot of hype as a "must visit" restaurant - for a reason. Holy Jesus have mercy it is DELICIOUS. Not very budget-friendly but worth every penny. Book early for Sunday brunch, but you'll be seated for a weekday lunch easily with no reservation. Try the chicken & waffles, stuffed french toast, hash browns, coffee, lemonade, pancakes - honestly you're very spoiled for choice at this place!

Comet Ping Pong & Pizza
(5037 Connecticut Ave NW)
A quirky pizza place with tons of ping pong courts in the back. I didn't even play ping pong (mistake!) but the pizza was delectable and the ambiance was so fun. It's a little out of the city center but if you find yourself in the area it's a must-try!

Natural History Museum
DC has an incredible amount of museums, the most famous being the Smithsonian collection - the biggest and arguably the best - and also completely free! Thanks, America! This Smithsonian is my absolute favorite. I loved every exhibit but especially the one about crystals and gems. The insect exhibit, butterfly exhibit, and dinosaur exhibit also come to mind as favs! I think anyone of any age would be interested in this one and I could not recommend it more!

Air & Space Museum 
Honestly, this is not my cup of tea, but Joey LOVED it and insisted I include it in the list. If space travel & air travel are things that interest you, then you will be in love. Also a Smithsonian, also free to visit! My favorite exhibit was the one about planets & the universe.  


Theodore Roosevelt Island 
This little island lies in the middle of the Potomac river, and it is such a gem. Seriously so gorgeous, with beautiful views and lush nature everywhere. It feels like an enchanted forest. It is appropriately named for the monument to Theodore Roosevelt that it holds, which is worth visiting in itself. There are huge stone walls in the center of the island with his most famous quotes carved into them. They're very uplifting and inspiring. It's a great place to have a walk and get away from the city's hustle & bustle!

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National Zoo
This zoo is frickin' excellent. It's kind of tiny which is great because it's easily walkable, and all of the animals have HUGE habitats and are clearly treated extremely well. It's completely free to visit, and the pandas and the sloth bear are a must see.

Kayaking @ Key Bridge Boathouse
This is probably my second favorite thing we did besides see the concert. I had never been kayaking before and ugh, I loved it so much. It costs about $16/hour to rent a single kayak, and from there you can go wherever you'd like along the Potomac, which has some beautiful sights to see. Being on the water is always soothing to me, and we had the most beautiful sunny day. Make sure to get there right when they open, otherwise you could be waiting in line for quite a while!


 Georgetown is a quaint area by the river that is filled with shops to explore. They have most of the typical chain stores, along with some local gems thrown in. It's beautiful and has a lot of charm, making it an extremely pleasant place to have a shopping spree. Make sure to go to Buzzed & Wired while you're there!