The weather in Dublin has been absolutely DEEEE-LIGHTFUL the last few days. We've been flooded with sunshine and a gorgeous light breeze. I happily welcome this change after 6 months of living in a parka and boots, and have already been thinking eagerly about all the things I want to do before this glory fades away into grey again.

1) Have a proper picnic in a Dublin park 
When I say proper picnic, I'm talking about a SERIOUS Pinterest worthy organza - blanket, basket, a fatty baguette, fancy cheeses and meats, lemonade, fresh fruit, and realistically probably a lot of candy.

2) See the puffins on Skellig Michael
 If you've seen the new Star Wars film, then you will know Skellig Michael as the majestic place at the end where Rey sees Luke Skywalker for the first time. Yes - it's a REAL place! It's only open to visit during summer time, and this year it's sure to be flooded with Star Wars tourists so I'm hoping to get in there early. Also - I fucking love puffins.

3) Visit Norway 
I'm constantly monitoring for cheap flights around Europe, and flights to Oslo are always around the 15 euro mark. It's a two hour flight, I've never been, and the weather in Norway is supposed to be decent in the summer - so why not!?

4) Day trip to London
Similar to Norway, I keep eyeing up 15 euro flights. Plus I'm keen to visit the Natural History Museum and catch a play at Shakespeare's Globe.

5) Take lots of hikes
My favorite form of exercise, and sadly not an option during the winter months in Ireland. Plus HELLO, I live in one of the most naturally gorgeous places on the planet. Being in Ireland and not trekking out into nature when the sun is shining is a travesty!

 6) Do something active every day 
I've finally bitten the bullet and joined my local (overpriced) gym, and within a couple weeks of going regularly I found myself feeling much better and making overall healthier choices in my daily life. Whether it's a hike, a gym session, a home workout video or a walk to the grocery store, I've made sure that my body gets some form of exercise every day - and I'd like to keep it up! 

 7) Have a BBQ on my rooftop 
 My apartment has it's own rooftop that has been sitting unused for months due to the pouring rain. Yesterday was the first time since I've lived here that we've been able to enjoy our dinner on it and it was extremely magical. Therefore, buying a cheap BBQ and learning how to cook some burgers is now a goal of mine.

 8) Have a beach getaway with my best friends
Two of my besties are flying over to spend some time with me in August, and we've been dreaming up ideas of a getaway where we get to be beached whales. Sand, sea, sun, minimal movement and maximum food intake.

 9) Watch an outdoor movie  
Throughout the summer, Dublin has lots of (free!) movies they play in various public spaces on a large jumbo tron. Though I missed it, last week they played Jaws on a popular beach. So amazing. I'm hoping to catch as many as I can!

10) Take an outdoor yoga class 
I've been telling myself that I'm going to start doing yoga for like 5 years now and my lazy ass has never amounted to anything but corpse pose. But I've seen ads for a weekly (free!) outdoor course that I'm very tempted to try, so by writing it down ON THE INTERNET for all to see I'm hoping I'll feel more motivated to actually do it. 

I'll be sure to write an update at the end of summer to inform you how I get on with my list! Wish me luck!