Last weekend Joey and I hopped on a 35 minute flight across the Irish sea to spend a day in Liverpool. When I say a day, I mean a day - our flight left Dublin at 7am and we arrived back in Dublin at 11pm! I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to pack because I needed minimal luggage & optimum creature comfort for trekking through a city I've never been to before for 14 hours. I ended up being incredibly happy with what I brought with me so I figured I'd share some of my tips on how to pack for a long day excursion!

                                                      The Bag
I didn't want to bring my massive hiking backpack and feel weighed down the whole day, so I oped for this one in stead. Not only is it much more stylish for city-trekking but it's one of those black hole kind of bags that seemingly fits an unlimited amount of crap in it. I picked this one up at Aldo and it is my everything. So much space, so many zipped pockets. It feels secured and is super lightweight. If you're interested click here - it's still available & comes in 3 colors!

The Essentials
 "Money, tickets, passport" seems to be everyone's typical mantra when leaving for any sort of trip, and I've found my favorite way of storing them all together. I bought this vintage Louis Vuitton agenda about a month ago and it has proven to be so perfect for traveling that I don't actually use it as an agenda at all. At it's fullest it's housed two passports, printed tickets, 2 receipts, 4 bus passes, 6 credit cards, and a pen. Instead of rummaging through my bag wondering where all my important stuff is, I know it's safely housed in a pretty blue book. If you're interested in a designer agenda I would recommend Louis Vuitton (you can find pre-loved ones here (don't pay more than $200 - mine was $140 and I'm really happy with my deal!) but even if you have no interest in brand names, I could not recommend picking up a passport holder/travel wallet more!

The only thing I keep separate to my travel wallet is change (stored in the little Louis Vuitton floral pouch I received it as a gift years ago by my friend's mom who no longer wanted it, EPIC win) but I tend to always keep that separate no matter what kind of bag or wallet I'm carrying. If you're traveling through America it's virtually unneeded, but in Europe carrying change is a requirement!

My iPhone is another essential, I make sure I have it charged before I go with a good pair of headphones attached to it. I also ALWAYS have a pre-loaded map of the location I'm heading to up on Apple maps - you can use it even on airplane mode, the phone will show your location as long as the map is loaded! I also have a portable charger packed for obvious reasons. If you haven't invested in one yet I suggest you do! However I wouldn't recommend the one I have, it's pretty large for the fact it only holds one charge.

I'm also going to go ahead and count my camera as an essential too! What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't?

The creature comforts:
As someone who suffers with anxiety I definitely understand the mentality of "what if this happens?!? what if I need this!?" Luckily, being well traveled means my internal crazy has died down somewhat once I realized that 99% of the things I would need in an emergency are available everywhere in the world. That being said, I do like to keep a few things with me that I wouldn't want to have to hunt through a shop for if I really needed them.

Hand sanitizer - for obvious reasons, but also because you can use it if you accidentally cut yourself!

A mirror, some concealer, a lip balm, and a lipstick - minimal beauty essentials to keep me feeling confident.

Sunglasses - even if I'm going to a cloudy climate I take a pair. My eyes are super sensitive to light and I will get crazy uncomfortable if I don't have them when I need them!

Umbrella - Thank god I ended up bringing this because it actually piss-poured rain while we were there!

A pen - a general rule of life is that if you don't bring a pen, you'll be in a situation where you desperately need a pen

Snacks - I go from completely fine to being a hungry demon of a woman within the span of 2 minutes. Joey will also get grumpy without food. So these are needed for sanity!

Tissues - I have a cold and nothing is less cute then having to wipe snot on your own sleeve

Extra contact lenses - because 14 hours in the same (daily) contacts sounded really horrible to me

Medicine - inside the Panadol pack I stuffed an array of different medicines that I might need. Nothing is worse than having an ailment strike when you're stuck somewhere like a museum or a restaurant!

•Ginger chews - this might sound like a weird one, but listen to me carefully. If you suffer from ANY sort of motion/travel sickness, have an easily upset stomach, or get very anxious easily, you NEED these. They give me life, I can't even tell you how many times these have saved me. They are magical and I genuinely think everyone should carry them with them while they travel. I also always find myself giving these to other people quite a bit. They work wonders on long bus rides with curvy roads, boat trips with rough waves, airplanes with turbulence and the pain that is caused by an overindulgence of rich/spicy foods. Trust me! 

There wasn't a single thing I needed that I didn't bring, and I definitely don't feel like I packed too much. Plus my backpack wasn't even half way full. I'm actually extra proud of this list because I'm for sure going to use it as a guide for my future trips!