Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Savory Pineapple Bowls

I've got another recipe for you guys! This one is a lazy person's dream because not only does it take extremely minimal effort & time, it looks AMAZING! By far the most visually appealing thing I've ever made. If you're cooking to impress, but have zero time or energy - this is the recipe for you!

 This recipe in it's most basic form needs 5 things:
1 large room-temperature pineapple*

Cooked king prawns

Sweet & sour sauce

Cajun spice

Microwavable egg rice

*Room-temperature is important because a pineapple straight out of the fridge will make the food you put in it cold! Also, the juices of  a room-temp pineapple will absorb into your meal faster.

Here's where my disclaimer comes in: you do not have to buy these ingredients pre-made. If you're feeling energetic that day, go ahead and whip up some of your own rice and sauce instead of buying them from the store. Do whatever your heart desires!

But this series is called lazy girl meals for a reason, people. I want to spend less time cooking, more time eating!

Start by grabbing your sharpest knife and cutting the pineapple in half: 

The weirdest part is cutting the crown, but overall a very easy task.

Next, use your knife to cut around the edges on the inside:

 Be careful NOT to cut too low, you don't want to cut through the pineapple's skin!

 Now go ahead and grab a spoon and scoop out all the golden goodness around the core and save it in a bowl for later. But don't be afraid to leave some juice & bits lying around the inside!

If you decide to be lazy like me and get 2-minute microwave rice, this is the time where you'll want to pop it in. If you decide to cook the rice another way, make sure you have it prepped and hot BEFORE you start cutting the pineapple.

While the rice is cookin', grab your knife again and carefully remove the core. Again, be careful not to cut through the skin.

 TADA! Pineapple bowl created.

Now take your piping hot rice and SMOTHER it all around the inside of the pineapple, making sure to spoon it around and coat every grain. You want it to absorb those delicious juices and bits lying around in the bottom!

Now I didn't do this, but I reckon frying the rice before putting it into the pineapple would also be delicious!

This is where we quickly heat up the shrimp. Throw them all into a pan with a little olive oil and wait for them to get warm. Cooked shrimp heats up FAST, literally within 3-5 minutes on a medium to high heat and they will be perfect. You don't want to overcook them!

While they're heating, don't neglect your rice -make sure to keep swirling it around in the pineapple to collect all them juices!

Once the shrimp start to really sizzle, pop one into your mouth to see if the texture is to your taste. When they're perfect, pour in a generous amount of sweet & sour sauce and cajun spice:

I know some people might find this a weird combo but I promise they compliment each other really well!

Once your shrimp is fully coated, use your spoon to scoop the rice into the bottom half of the bowl. Toss your shrimp into the other half, and voila!

SERIOUSLY the easiest thing ever, and oh my god does it taste goooooood. Spicy tangy & sweet deliciousness. Om nom nom.

Looking back, the only thing I'd change is that I would throw some of those saved pineapple bits into the rice. Other than that, this bad boy came out perfectly.

I've seen loads of versions of this recipe on Pinterest (a link to my Pinterest is in the sidebar...some cheeky shameless self promotion up in here) and there are TONS of different recipes you can throw into a pineapple bowl. For example, you can use coconut rice or quinoa instead of egg rice, chicken or beef instead of shrimp, and too many different spices and sauces to list! Go crazy! You can even make a sweet pineapple bowl by filling it up with your favorite fruit-y sorbets. Definitely trying that out during the summertime!

I think my next pineapple bowl endeavor will involve teriyaki chicken. How amazing does that sound?

If you have any ideas for pineapple bowl recipes please let me know! I'm kind of obsessed & dying to try more!

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