I love a good Sunday. I know that the Monday doom & gloom is looming over us, but I still find it to be the loveliest day of my week, where I wake up and feel like the world is my oyster. I think one of my favorite feelings in the world is knowing I have an ENTIRE Sunday with zero commitments. It doesn't happen too often, but when it does it is so freakin' glorious. The boy and I were lucky to have one of those days yesterday - and we took FULL advantage of it.

Joey and I decided to sleep in and have a quick breakfast before heading straight into town on a mission to find hidden treasures at the Dublin Flea Market, and photograph some of the city's gems on our walk over.

Dublin is fairly quiet on a Sunday - most shops close, most people are at home with their families. The whole city smells like one big fireplace because people are indoors cozying up. This particular day was very rainy and overcast, but still bright enough to cast a gorgeous light on some of Dublin's famous doors:

If you've never heard, Dublin is known for having some of the greatest doors in the world. I know, kind of a weird thing to be known for but LOOK at those beauties. They come in every shape, size, color, texture you can possibly think of, and there are SO many of them. I feel like I discover more gorgeous doors every time I take a stroll. If you're interested in seeing more, click here to check out the @doorsofdublin Instagram page - it's filled with eye candy.

What's that, you ask? Is Dublin known for anything else? Why yes! Leprechauns, rainbows, potatoes, sheep, and some incredible street art:

And when I say street art I am putting a big emphasis on the 'art', because some of this stuff seriously belongs in a museum. The art on the city streets can be incredibly captivating, thought provoking and inspirational....and occasionally silly:

All of the doors and the street art above we're photographed within the short mile-long walk to the Flea Market from my apartment- and that's not even a quarter of what we saw. One of the reasons I love this city so much is because creativity flourishes everywhere you go. Including the Flea Market:

(a little corner area at the flea where you can sit and enjoy a coffee while surrounded by a giant golden flower crown, yaaaaas!)

If I'm honest, Dublin Flea isn't quite as magnificent as the markets I'm used to at home, but it definitely has a charm about it and is worth a wander. If you're keen on paying it a visit, you can check our their website by clicking here - they operate the last Sunday of every month! 

Next stop on our agenda? Donuts. What is a perfect Sunday without some sexual ass donuts? There's a new place that just popped up a few months ago that I've been dying to try, and it did not disappoint:

(It's pronounced AYN-GER Danger. It rhymes. The street is on is called Aungier street. Clever, right?) 

So we grabbed some donuts and a much needed coffee...

And head over to this glorious establishment to grab a bench and keep warm:

This is the entrance to Powerscourt Townhouse, it's a beautiful Georgian building that houses tons of shops and restaurants. Though most of the inside was shut down for the day, the building remained open and has loads of free seats to relax in when you need a break from walking in the rain. If you find yourself around the city in need of some shelter, this is the place to be!

After we thoroughly devoured our afternoon snack, Joey suggested we head over to the Museum of Natural History. Like most Dublin museums, it's free, and magically opened on a Sunday. It's filled with taxidermied animals and skeletons...sounds creepy, yet it was strangely a very lightheated place. You're not allowed to take photos inside the pretty parts, but I managed to cheekily snap these two to show you:

(Yes I know, this is the floor of the museum, but isn't it pretty? Apologies if you think this is stupid, but if you're like me and you have a thing with floors, definitely click here to check our one of my favorite Instagrams, @ihavethisthingwithfloors) 

(My cheeky illegal photo of the museum! Don't tell the police!) 

After our trek through the museum, we moseyed across the road to Merrion Square park, where we found this: 

An empty ass playgound. And there's only one thing to do when one finds an empty ass playground:

Impromptu photoshoot on the swings, of course! 

After our cheeky park visit, we ended up catching the last opening hour of the National Art Museum (also free!), grabbing a drink at a pub and heading over to my favorite pizza place for dinner. I can't think of a better way to finish off my favorite day of the week, in my favorite city, with my favorite person.