...aaaaaaand we're back! 

And I don't just mean to blogging!! 

Yes, friends, I've done it again. I've moved across the world, entirely by myself. However this time it's a lot less scary, because I'm living in the same place I lived before - Dublin, Ireland! 

I can hear the questions coming in now. Or I guess more the statements: 


Come gather round, young grasshoppers, and I shall tell you my tale...

nce upon a time, there lived a girl named Alyse,

who this time last year found herself back home in San Francisco after spending a year in a far away land going to grad school. At first she was filled with splendiferous spirits - surrounded by friends and family, moving in with her long-distance-no-more boyfriend, and managing to nab her old part-time job back. Happily she toddled along, celebrating the holidays and hunting for work - but quickly realized, something wasn't right...

She really couldn't put her finger on it at first, but as time went on Alyse found herself looking at her life with lackluster. She was surrounded by love and support, with bountiful resources and possibilities to start fresh -  yet woke up most days with a weird feeling in her gut, with no motivation to do anything.

"It's a phase" she said to herself, "everyone goes through this during times of uncertainty."
"Surely I'll feel back to my normal self once I get a real job!"

6 months later her goal was accomplished - a dream job was acquired! Great pay, work from home, tech company perks and a flexible contract - everything she had ever wanted from her first big-girl pursuit! But...her amazing new gig wasn't curing her from the weird feelings she was having like she hoped it would. So after months and months of being bothered by them, she came to the conclusion that the right thing to do was to take some time to herself to figure out what was causing them. 

A break-up was had. Boxes were moved home. Her room became an isolation chamber where she spent her time thinking about what she wanted...and finally, reality fell on her like a pile of bricks. 

"What the fuck am I doing here????"

She realized that though the Bay Area will always be her home, she didn't actually like living there anymore. Most of her friends had fled across the country and away from the high rent prices, tech snobs and horrible traffic. Her family was going through some big changes. She wanted to be able to live on her own and be financially stable, something that even with her new job was still a fairy tale in the wildly over-priced Bay. She came to the conclusion that her weird feelings were a result of sensing that her life path was off; she was heading down a different road then she wanted to be going, and she needed a big change.

She started to day-dream about moving around the country - Seattle? Portland?! New York!? But in her heart of hearts she knew what she wanted to do. As an American citizen, she had the rest of her life to live in America - but only a certain amount of time to try to claim her graduate visa and move back to Ireland.

Come late August, arrangements were made, employers were informed, and a place to stay was secured. When October finally rolled around she was off! Back to her magical second home, where she currently resides in her new apartment (which is in the exact same complex as her old apartment, because she is stubborn and didn't want to live anywhere else).

 She was able to keep her job and works from home most of the time, but her employer does have a Dublin office she occasionally drops into for the free food.

And she lived happily ever after (....??!??!)

The End . 

Currently, I feel like I'm in such a better place. That's not to say I've been in a bad place the last year - on the contrary, I had a lovely time at home and I don't regret leaving Ireland after school ended. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel so much happier and more invigorated in my life. I wake up every morning and feel like I'm finally on a life path that satisfies my hunger for adventure, independence and creativity. 

Dublin has been an absolute dream, I feel like I'm falling in love with it all over again. It has the 
charm of an old wise man, but its heart beats like a teenager's. In just the year I've been gone it's grown so much. A lot of modernization, new shops & restaurants, and some serious eye candy popping up all over the place: 

And the city's old gems are looking as colorful as ever: 

As I mentioned, I live in the SAME apartment complex as I did before - but in a different building! I was seriously in love with my old apartment but I have to say, I love this one so much more. I have the most gorgeous rooftop terrace where I can look out at this view whenever I want:

In terms of adventures I haven't been doing too much since I arrived. Mostly been trying to sort my life out and balance my work/leisure schedule. Plus the weather's been rainy and cold, meaning I am wrapped up in bed with a snack and my computer 90% of the day (#yolo #noregrets)  

That being said I have been out and a bout a liiiiitttle bit, mostly thanks to Batman over here:

Or should I say "Batman-flu"

Man Flu (noun): An illness such as a cold that is not serious, but that the person who has it treats as serious, usually when this person is a man

(Get the costume now?) 

He seems to be a pretty key element to my adventures lately (enter smirking emoji face here) but we can talk about him another time (promise!) - in the mean time, please take a minute to realize how much effort I put into my Halloween costume this year: 

Last year I threw a low-cut dress on and a red lip and called myself a pin-up girl. This year, FULL BLOWN cosplay-ready Poison Ivy. A perfect example of how my move to Dublin is sparking my creativity and making me feel back to my old self again - or perhaps a new, slightly modified & improved version. 

I'll be updating my blog throughout my Dublin adventures, and I'm happy to have anyone who's still around (*cue crickets chirping*) enjoy them with me. I've really missed writing here, and I can't wait to get back into the swing of it again ♥