Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Irish Apartment Tour!

When I leave this city, there will be tons of things I'll miss. The people, the nightlife, the food, being able to walk everywhere, being surrounded by a rich history - aaaaaand my apartment. Oh my god will I miss my apartment. 

It's spacious and PERFECTLY located with a gorgeous view and tons of modern appliances. I know that unless I move back to Dublin someday I will never find a place this beautiful at this price point ever again #firstworldproblems 

Obviously it has its drawbacks - the furniture is not to my taste, the walls are all white, lightbulbs never last more than two weeks and the water pressure sucks because we're on the top floor - but in general, my apartment has been my little cloud 9 to relax from school and city stresses since I moved here. 

So I thought I would share some pictures, not just because I know it's fun to creep other people's homes, but because I want to be able to share it with the people I love from home who haven't had a chance to fly over and see it in person. 

Alright, so here's what you see when you come in the front door:

Door to the left leads to the dining room, doors to the right are storage closets,  up on the ceiling are some lovely skylights, and straight ahead leads to the living room and terrace.

Let's head to the dining room first:

Meh. Not much to see here.

Off to the kitchen! The refrigerator is the wooden door on the left side, sneaky sneaky: 

& what would an Irish kitchen be without a bottle of Jameson? 

I'm actually totally obsessed with this bottle, I'm bringing it home with me to use as a vase! 

Next, the living room: 

I don't spent much time in here if I'm being honest, this is more of my roommate's domain 

As you can see he's set up shop with his TV, video games, books, etc

I love our couches, they are insanely comfortable. I'm also fond of the little succulent on the left. He came with our apartment so I decorated him with rocks that my mom & I collected at the beach. 

A place I DO spend a lot of time is the terrace: 

It runs the entire length of the apartment and has the most amazing sunrises, but I especially love it at night when I can see all the city lights. You can click the above picture to enlarge it and get a closer look! And no, it's not curved like that, panorama mode on my iPhone just makes it look that way.

Let's move into the hallway, shall we? 

First door on the left is my roommates room, second to the left is my room. Door at the end of the hall is my roommates bathroom, and the big white thing on the right is cabinet storage which currently houses the "wall of shame": 

I've maybe consumed two of these. The rest are from the boyfriend + a couple parties I've hosted. Only the prettiest (or most impressive!) bottles make it into the wall of shame. 

I didn't take photos of my roommates bedroom or bathroom because I'm a good roommate (plus lord knows they were probably filthy), so let's head into my room next. 

This is what you see when you first walk in: 

I love that I have the view + terrace access from my bedroom, but the floor-to-ceiling windows make my room boiling hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. It's a bit of a trade off! 

Here's a closer look at my dressing table: 

This was a Christmas present from Joe. I'm sad to say I have to leave it behind when I go. 

Directly behind the table is my bed: 

Directly above the bed is a wicker light that I love because of the pattern is leaves around my room at night: 

Closet is off to the righthand side: 

And here's a cheeky look at what's on my bedside tables: 

Next to the bed on the righthand side is the bathroom: 

I was looking especially ravishing on this day, as you can see 

To the right of the bathroom is my own shower filled with more girly beautifying things. Glorious! 

As of yesterday I have started the packing process, which means that my room currently looks nothing like these photos. It's slowly becoming a disaster zone (they say your room matches your state of mind...no comment) but I have been making sure to relax in my bed, have dinner on my terrace and do other little things to cherish this place before I leave. 

Note: I may or may not have spent about two hours watching room tours on Youtube while writing this post. I think I have a problem. I also have a board on Pinterest that is filled with tons of amazing things I would love to pack into my dream home one day - you can check that out by clicking here!

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