Wednesday, December 25, 2013

❄ Christmas Spirit ❄

I'm back home in California for Christmas! I've been back since the 14th and it's been lovely. I've been mainly splitting my time between eating my weight in holiday food and bonding with the people I love. I know I've been shit at blogging, but I can't promise I'm going to get any better :(. Getting a Master's degree doesn't leave much time for exploring and photography. But please keep checking back even in the new year, just because I don't update often doesn't mean I won't update at all! 

Photos, from top left to bottom right: 

1. Lucy the Christmas pitbull with her new festive collar. She's lost a ton of weight since I've been gone and now looks cuter than ever! 

2) My family's Christmas tree is usually in the living room by the fireplace, but this year it got put aside by the patio doors. Not a big fan of the placement, but a big fan of the tree. It's 10ft tall! And my Grandma bought a couple of Irish themed ornaments in celebration of my move <3 

3) My Mom made Thanksgiving dinner on Christmas eve since I was in Ireland and didn't get to enjoy all the deliciousness on the actual day! Best. Thing. Ever. 

4) Opening presents on Christmas morning. Some of my favorite gifts: egg nog truffles, some beautiful nail art, fluffy makeup brushes, my favorite La Mer lip balm and a pretty photo frame that can hold photo booth sized pictures of my boyfriend and I in. 

5) Took selfies in my Santa sweatshirt to pass the time on the drive to visit my very ill Great Aunt on Christmas Eve. I really didn't want to go because I knew it would make my day depressing and sad but I'm really happy I made the trip. Seeing her was lovely, and it reminded me that I need to cherish my youth and spend it to the best of my ability.

6) Alyse Allain: World Famous Gingerbread House Maker. Just don't look at the opposite side, my little brother decided he needed to decorate part of it and it looks janky as hell. He may or may not have attempted to make a dick out of frosting and the round swirly mints - I stopped him. My gingerbread houses are dick free, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  

I hope everyone reading this is having a lovely holiday season! 

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