Monday, March 11, 2013

Dazzling DSLR

For those who have been reading my blog for a while, you'll remember that while I was living in Paris I broke my old faithful, trusty camera. There I was, walking through the Pere Lachaise cemetary, taking pictures of dead people like ya do, when I trip on a cobblestone (DAMN YOU, EUROPE) and watched my sweet baby go flying out of my hands. I swear it was slow-motion like in a movie, I tried to catch it while screaming "Noooooooooooo!" in my head but alas, I could not save it. Note: this was definitely not the first time I dropped my camera, that poor thing suffered years of abuse from me before facing its death. For the next three weeks of my trip as I continued to blog, I had to use my iPad to take photos. I would have used my iPhone, but, oh wait - I broke that too being an idiot at a Parisian nightclub (I can literally hear my mother's voice ringing in my head "This is why we can't have nice things, Alyse!!!")  If you've ever seen someone whip out their iPad to take a photo or a video, you will know that it makes them look like the world's BIGGEST douche bag. Some serious karma for not taking better care of my things.

Well, after three months of diligently saving money, I was finally able to afford to buy a new camera! And not just any old camera, a shiny new DSLR (A Nikon D3200 to be exact.)  I've wanted a DSLR for a long long time but 1) could never afford one  2) I am not a professional photographer by any means and really had no need for one 3) was terrified that if I purchased one it would find an early grave like the rest of my electronics. But now that I'm trying to take my blog a little more seriously, I decided it was a worthwhile investment!

I'm the type of person that when I get something new, I want to use it constantly. I purchased my camera right before I left for Florida, so I thought my trip would satisfy my photography desires for the time being, but when I came back I still had the itch to go be artsy with my new camera. However, my life is indefinitely boring at the moment, so it just sat on my coffee table in my bedroom and looked pretty. Then I slowly caught myself picking it up and taking pictures of stupid things - my dog, flowers in my backyard, my friends being weird - but it wasn't until I found myself lying on my bed taking pictures of my ceiling fan that I realized I needed to channel this energy into a blog post.

I googled and I googled to get some inspiration, and voila! I found this:

I immediately knew I had found myself a new blog post.  Finally! An actual excuse for me to photograph random shit. Let's get started, shall we? 

1) Something not many people know you own 

 A working Nintendo-64 and a drawer full of sweet games!

2. What are you eating/drinking right now?

Alright to be honest it's 11pm and I'm not eating anything. But lucky me, I snapped a photo of my breakfast this morning on my iPhone to send to a friend to make them jealous, so I figured I would include it because holy crap peanut butter balls + dark chocolate almond milk = sugary deliciousness. If you like the peanut butter/chocolate combo you will be transported to breakfast heaven. 

3. The book you're reading now/read last 

Both are amazing, can't wait to finish them!

4. Favorite piece of jewelry or clothing 

My Grandfather gave me this ring the day I was born because he wanted to be the first man to ever give me diamonds. I don't wear it very often because it's real and I'm afraid of losing it. Also it only fits my pinky finger - he underestimated how big my hands would be! But I absolutely love it and it obviously means a lot to me. Runner up in this category: my leather jacket. 

5. Your current desktop background

My life mantra. 

6.  Your favorite poster on your wall 

I don't actually have any posters on my wall, only pictures. My friend Matt is a photographer, he went on an expedition with National Geographic to New Orleans a couple of years ago. This is a photo he took of the Voodoo Queen's grave. I saw it and immediately loved it so much that I had him print a copy for me. Whenever I pass it I still can't help but stop and take it in. 

7. Your favorite thing that you own

It's a straight up tie between my venetian mask collection and my bed! Had to include both. 

8. Your favorite CD and/or DVD 

Screw CDs, I'm gonna go ahead and bust out my favorite record -  "Hotel California" by the Eagles. It's the first record I ever bought so I have a bit of a connection to it. A runner up in this category goes to my extensive collection of Disney DVDs, which I could not bring myself to photograph because of the realization of exactly how much of a loser I am for having an extensive collection of Disney DVDs. 

9. The inside of your closet 

I literally live in my Grandmother's attic (far, far better than it sounds!) so the roof in my room is vaulted and my closet is built into one of the corners. I love having a walk-in closet but because of the roof I have to duck or crawl into it  - always an adventure. This is only a small portion of my closet, it goes back pretty far. Photographs on my wall include a photo of my brother giving me a piggy-back ride, some old post cards of the Chicago skyline, a photo of Times Square my friend Grant got for me, and my Mom's old modeling photos. 

10. The inside of your wallet 

I wasn't about to open my wallet and expose my identification and credit cards to the creepers of the internet, so as an alternative, here's what's inside my purse. I don't like carrying too much shit around with me (unless I'm traveling, in which case my purse ends up being the equivalent of carrying an infant child) so I try to keep it to a minimum. Got my iPhone, Ray Bans, some hand cream & hand sanitizer, some lipstick/lip balms, my keys, a pair of headphones, a mirror, a spare hair tie, a little zippered pouch for gift cards/business cards/club cards, my wallet and a pen. 

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