Monday, February 25, 2013

The Wonderful World of Disney

Dylan and I had a mission when visiting Disney World: Visit all 4 parks in ONE day. Disney World is currently comprised of the Magic Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. They say it couldn't be done. They said it had NEVER been done! And sadly it still hasn't been done - BUT we did get to three of the four parks, which I think is an epic win.

We started our day out in the Animal Kingdom, which is basically like a massive zoo with theme park rides. I'm a huge animal lover so I was excited for this one, but sadly it let me down. I liked seeing the animals (they have one ride that left takes you on a 20 minute "African safari" which was cool) but overall it was a bit disappointing. I'm not sure what I was expecting but I wouldn't go back to visit again.

(Inside Animal Kingdom - that big mountain is a pretty kickass roller coaster) 

(This t-shirt made me giggle) 

Next we went to Epcot, which I had heard very cool things about. Plus I've always wanted to see the massive golf ball thing because when I was younger and would watch Nickelodeon it was always featured, so it reminds me of childhood!

(Epcot golf ball! That's not the actual name but that is what I have decided to call it) 

Alright go ahead an call me a spoiled bitch, but I seriously thought Epcot was sooooo boring. It was really pretty, and I liked that it was catered to adults, but the rides were nothing special (even the famous "Test Track" had me falling asleep. Why anyone would wait 4 hours for it is beyond me!) The coolest part of Epcot to me was the massive aquarium (I just love aquariums, I find them strangely relaxing) and "The Worlds" section, where the creators of the park took 11 countries and created little areas for them all to make it seem like you're visiting different parts of the world. Here's where my spoiled bitch part comes in - I have already been to 7 out of the 11 countries, so it was not so exciting for me. However, I can imagine that it would be tons of fun for people who haven't had the opportunity or means to travel much.

(Sunset from inside Epcot's "The Worlds") 

By the time we finished with the first two parks we realized we only had time for one more, so I had to pick between Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. I picked Magic Kingdom because it was the oldest and the more classic option, though I am bummed I didn't get to see Hollywood Studios because my two favorite Disney rides EVER, Tower of Terror and Indiana Jones, are there. However I'm happy with my decision because I loved the Magic Kingdom! The castle is by far the coolest one I've seen, the energy is really fun, and the fireworks display was incredible. My favorite ride was by far the Haunted Mansion - it's longer and much more mansion-y than the other two I've been on. And they have a part where you go through a haunted library which I thought was the greatest thing ever!

Sadly I didn't get to ride Space Mountain or Splash Mountain because both of them were closed for maintenance - such a bummer. If I could do anything different I would spend much less time at Animal Kingdom, skip Epcot, visit Hollywood Studios and spend more time at Magic Kingdom. I did enjoy myself though. However, in the end, I wouldn't return any time soon. Maybe if I have children I'll take them there someday, other than that my favorite Disney park is still good old Disneyland California!

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