Monday, December 17, 2012

The Lost Photos

On my trip, I took a total of 3,678 photos, and only a very select few made it onto the blog. However, I was going through all my pictures and found some gems that I felt the need to share with the world. None of these pictures are actually good, they just carry some great memories!

(That one time in Madrid we found a scary baby head outside the train station) 

(That one time in Paris when Angelina's mom and I accidentally got drunk at the Moulin Rouge and then had too much fun on the metro)

(That one time in Dublin when Angelina and I had the entire top level of a double decker bus to ourselves and decided to screw around in it before finding out the hard way that there are security cameras on board!)

(That one time in Brussels where Mark and I bonded with a prestigious statue) 

(That one time Angelina and I had a four person overnight train car to ourselves and decided to try and fit into the overhead luggage compartment) 

(That one time in London when Mark and I decided to cuddle with the massive horse head in Camden Market) 

(That one time, in Amsterdam...yeah this one's pretty self explanatory!)

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