Monday, December 17, 2012

Archives: Europe 2012

*** 2017 Update: In 2012 I went on a backpacking trip for 3 months across Europe with my best friend Angelina. It was the best time of my life and the greatest thing I ever did for myself! The only reason I don't have most of these posts individually tagged in my "travel" section because they don't offer suggestions, routes or any useful information to readers -  they are just a visual diary of my trip. They're poorly made but very close to my heart, so feel free to enjoy but please know you probably won't get much out of these except short stories and pictures from my trip!


I created an archive for all of my Europe posts. Enjoy!


1. And so it begins...
2. Glam-Packing"
3. Up in the Air
4. Luck of the Irish (Dublin, Ireland)
5. Wales: A Road Trip (Wales, United Kingdom)
6. All Around in London Town (London, England)
7. Stopping by Brussels (Brussels, Belgium)
8. In Bruges: A Horror Story(Bruges, Belgium)
9. Venice of the North(Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
10. Berlin there, Done That (Berlin, Germany)


11. Czech it Out (Prague, Czech Republic)
12. 7 Hours of Oktoberfest (Munich, Germany)
13. Bonding with Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)
14. Surfing in Slovakia (Bratislava, Slovakia)
15. Mozart & Marzipan (Vienna, Austria)
16. A Swiss Adventure (Zurich & Geneva, Switzerland)
17. An Afternoon in Lyon (Lyon, France)
18. A nice time in Nice (Nice, France)
19. Monaco: Tale of an Epic Fail (Monte Carlo, Monaco)
20. Milano and Gelato (Milan, Italy)
21. An Adventure in Venice (Venice, Italy)
22. Silence in Silvano (Silvano d'Orba, Italy)
23. Beaches, Boys, & Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
24. Mayhem in Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
25. Life in Lisbon (Lisbon, Portugal)


26. Apartment Tour! (Paris, France)
27. Friday Night at the Louvre (Paris, France)
28. An American Girl in Paris (Paris, France)
29. Luxury in Luxembourg (Luxembourg City, Luxembourg)
30. Disneyland Paris (Paris, France)
31. Parisian Adventures (Paris, France)
32. All Around in London Town, pt.II (London, England)
33. Giving Thanks (Paris, France)
34. Au Revoir, Paris (Paris, France)


35. Luck of the Irish (Dublin, Ireland)
36. A Scottish Adventure (Glasgow & Edinburgh, Scotland)
37. Partying, Planes, & Plans (Dublin, Ireland)
38. The Lost Photos
39. Frequently Asked Questions

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