Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mayhem in Madrid

When we arrived in Madrid, I was immediately shocked at how different it was from Barcelona. Barcelona is very artsy and has a feeling of youth to it, but Madrid has a much more mature, business-like atmosphere.

Our first day we took it pretty easy because we knew we wanted to go out at night. Madrid is said to have the best clubs in all of Europe so we definitely weren't about to miss out! So we spent our day leisurely walking around, enjoying all the different parks and gardens and listening to some of the best street music I've ever heard. Everywhere you go there's musicians, and I'd say 90% of them were extremely talented. It added a really fun, romantic touch to the city that Angelina and I both enjoyed.

Later that night after much research, we decided to go to a club called Kapital. Of all the clubs in Madrid, this one was said to be the biggest and the craziest - go big or go home, right? Well, I'd say it definitely lived up to its stereotype. The place itself was a 7-story converted theatre, making it by far the biggest club I've ever been to.  Every floor offered different music and lounges, but the 1st floor was the craziest. There were professional dancers, acrobatic acts, confetti cannons and some Spanish dude with an electric fiddle. It reminded me a lot of Tao in Las Vegas, except way, way bigger.  The music the DJ played was kind of wack though, which detracted from the experience a bit. It was like he had music ADD - one second he's playing house music, the next he's playing AC/DC, which would blend into a Coldplay remix (WTF) and then he decided that playing the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song was a good idea. Honestly, so many crazy things happened that night that I could write an entire blog post on it! I will spare you details for now, but Angelina and I are thinking about making a video just talking about all the crazy things we've encountered in European clubs. So keep a look out for that!

The next day we really screwed ourselves over from staying out too late. My friend Solmaaz, who we stayed with in Austria, put us in touch with her friend Wojciech who offered to show us Madrid from a locals perspective. We agreed to meet with him at 11:30am, which was killer after a night of clubbing. But even though we were exhausted, we got up and seized the day. Angelina's friend Flore (who also lives in Madrid) joined us and together the four of us toured around the city. Wojciech is super knowledgable about the city, so we got some great stories and info from him. Later that day after we parted ways with Wojciech, we toured the famous Prado museum where I got to see work from Francisco Goya, one of my favorite artists. I had never seen one of his paintings in person, and they did not disappoint! That night we were planning on going out again, but ended up falling asleep early (because Angelina and I are actually 87 years old on the inside) 

(It's much more noticeable in person, but the buildings in the middle are curved inwards!)

(Angelina, Flore, Wojciech and I in front of the Don Quixote fountain)

We spent our final day in Madrid exploring the flea market, eating our last dish of paella and having a much needed siesta in the park before catching an overnight train to Lisbon. Though I did really enjoy myself in Madrid, I will say I liked Barcelona more. In general though, I really loved Spain! Grenada, Seville and Bilbao are now on my list of places to go next time I get the opportunity.

(Park behind the Royal Palace) 

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