Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Disneyland Paris

I. Fucking. Love. Disneyland.

Growing up in California, pretty much everyone I know has been to Disneyland in Los Angeles. I've probably been a total of ten times in my life, and I had just as much fun when I was twenty as I did when I was five. I will probably be eighty and still want to go - it just makes me happy!
So when my friend Julie from back home told me she booked a flight to come over and visit me for Thanksgiving, I knew she would be the perfect buddy to head to Disneyland Paris with. I didn't think I was going to get the chance to go because Angelina wasn't interested (and who wants to go to Disneyland by themselves?) so I was freaking PUMPED when I found out Julie was down for a trip! Especially because the park was already decorated for Christmas (which I know some people will find ridiculous but I love Christmas time!) so this just added to the excitement!

The similarities between the two parks are evident - the layouts are similar, a lot of the rides are the same, and there's even a second park called Walt Disney Studios that has has a lot of the same rides as California Adventure (including the Tower of Terror!) There are however, a few big differences:
1) Everything at Disneyland Paris is in French. Duh.

2) The castle in Disneyland Paris is infinitely cooler than the one in LA. Its bigger, prettier, and more detailed. Because of this, the fireworks show at night was also way, way better.

3) Instead of New Orleans Square, Paris has "Agrabah" which is essentially Aladdin's world.

4) The Indiana Jones ride in Paris is nothing like the one in LA. It's literally just a roller coaster! It was fun, but Indiana Jones in LA is my favorite ride so I was kind of bummed.

5) You can buy alcohol inside Disneyland Paris, you can't in LA. Needless to say, many people take advantage of this.

6) Space Mountain in Paris means BUSINESS. I can't even begin to describe how much cooler it is than the one in LA. Don't get me wrong - I love Space Mountain in LA, but the one in Paris takes it to a whole new level. Tons of loops and corkscrews, way more special effects, it's a lot faster - just, generally way more awesome.

Overall, even though I fully enjoyed Disneyland Paris, I still like LA better. It's larger and therefore has a lot more to do and see. But if you really like Disneyland (and you speak some French) it's worth a trip. I would go back literally just to ride Space Mountain!

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