Saturday, October 6, 2012

Czech It Out

When we got off the train in Prague, Angelina and I instantly thought the exact same thing: we are totally walking through a Disney movie. Prague is so freaking gorgeous that it looks unreal. All of the buildings are picturesque, streets are clean, everything looks very classy and polished. On the way to our hostel we started humming the theme to Beauty & the Beast and fully expected candlesticks and clocks to come to life and start talking to us. 

We started off with a free walking tour (Angelina and I really enjoy these tours so you're going to hear that a LOT) where we learned about Prague's history. One of the most interesting stops was at the astrological clock, which is seriously the coolest thing in the entire world. I'd talk about it in detail on here but that would make this the longest post ever, so I will spare you, but I seriously suggest you Google it. If I were a fabulously rich old woman I would definitely have a replica of it in my house.

Later that day we walked up to Prague castle, which has an amaaaaazing view of the city. It took us a while to walk up there but it was worth it! 

(Climbing up to Prague Castle)

(Tired, but enjoying the amazing view from the top!)

The next day we took a leisurely walk around the city and found the famous "Fred and Ginger" house and the John Lennon wall, both of which were very pleasing to the eyes.

(Fred and Ginger house)

(Angelina adding our initials to the wall)

Afterwards we did a bit of window shopping before we ran into our friend Gruveer, who we met at the club we went to in Berlin. We grabbed a coffee before going over to a place called Ice Pub, which is exactly what it sounds like. It's a fucking pub made out of ice. I had heard of things like this before but had never actually been to one, so I figured eh, why not? Well why not because you pay to be fucking freezing for 20 minutes. It's very gimmicky and kind of stupid, I wouldn't recommend it. That being said, I did get to wear an awesome jacket.

Prague was definitely my favorite place I've been so far. Dublin and Bruges come in at a close second and third. It's extremely romantic and beautiful but still offers a lot of fun things to do for people of every age. I think everyone from crazy party goers to nerdy history buffs will fall in love with it!

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