Saturday, October 6, 2012

Berlin there, done that.

Berlin is pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. It's one of the younger European cities so it's not particularly romantic or visually pleasing, but it is a lot of fun.

Our friend Mark parted ways with Angelina and I after Amsterdam, so we are now just a duo. Our first day started off well enough, we went on a free walking tour that took us past most of Berlin's tourist attractions. We saw the holocaust memorial, the place where Hitler committed suicide, the TV tower, etc. Then we got authentic German pretzels (so good and so cheap!) and walked over to a place called Panoramic Point, which had an amazing view of the city.

(Holocaust Memorial) 

(Sunset from Panorama Point) 

We had planned on going out that night, as Berlin is famous for having some of the best clubs in the world. We got back to our hostel at around 8pm. Some Canadian friends we had met invited us to a pub crawl at 10pm, so we figured we would do some laundry before we went out. Fucking BAD idea. Note to people planning on backpacking in Berlin: do NOT do your laundry there because it takes a total of SIX FREAKING HOURS. Three washing, three drying. Needless to say we missed the pub crawl. Such a waste of a night. We were not happy campers.

Our next day was much better. We rented bikes and rode through Tiergarten, ate some schnitzel, watched a rollerblading marathon, and checked out the Salvador Dali museum, which was just incredible. I've always thought he was great, but now I can say that I'm totally in love. His sketches are extraordinary.

(One of the many gorgeous ponds inside Tiergarten)

That night we FINALLY got to go clubbing! And let me say it did not disappoint. Berlin's night life is insane. The club we went two had two dance floors, one for house music and one for random hits. We stayed at the random hits one and ended up dancing to remixes of everything from Chubby Checker to the Backstreet Boys to the Macarena.

Random European clubbing observation: When a guy wants to dance with a girl, he doesn't go up to her from behind and start grinding up on her ass like in America. Instead, he looks at the girl in the eye to see if she's interested and then grabs her hands. I've literally witnessed this happen at every club I've been to so far. As two single women, Angelina and I have greatly appreciated this.

Berlin is great for younger people who love to party, eat, and meet new people. I'd imagine it would be a bit boring for older people looking to relax and go sightseeing (unless you are really interested in World War II) but I'd say it's still worth a visit just to pig out on amazing German food!

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