Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Luck of the Irish

Dublin is a big city with a small town charm. Parts of it look like you're walking through medieval times and parts look as if you're in a fairy tale. It's surprisingly very hustle and bustle, especially at night.

Angelina and I decided to make Dublin our first stop because my brother, Trevor, is studying abroad there, so we got a free place to stay (fuck yes) and someone to show us around. After our arrival, we took a quick nap and a much needed shower and went down to explore the touristy areas of town. We went to an Irish pub (!!!) where I got traditional Irish stew for dinner. Soooooo goooooooood. Most of food we had was amazing and so fresh. I tried to stick to eating only Irish dishes during our trip, and the fat person inside of me was very happy with the outcome of that decision. 

Something random that I loved is that most shops around Dublin aren't in America. I wasn't bombarded by world-wide designer labels staring at me in the face, it was tons of unique little stores and shops, with the occasional department store.

                                                        (Dublin street signs are adorable)

Bus fare is freaking EXPENSIVE! 2.15 euros to go about 3 miles one way with no transfer. And I thought San Francisco was bad!

Another thing I fell in love with are all the gorgeous flowers. They're on everything - street signs, windows, climbing up houses. Amazing.

And of course, no trip to Dublin would be complete without trips to the Jameson and Guinness factories. Jameson was gorgeous and had an amazing tour. Guinness was touristy and less personable, but the view from their Gravity Bar made up for it.

                                                       (gorgeous bar inside the Jameson factory)

                                             (view from Gravity Bar inside the Guinness factory) 

Later that night we went to what was probably the best club I've ever been to. Copper Faced Jacks - a three story Georgian style mansion converted into a nightclub, right in the middle of downtown. Besides the amazing atmosphere, the club played great music - everything from Joan Jett to the Spice Girls. I've only ever been to clubs that play rap and electronic music, so this was super refreshing.

We spent the rest of our time shopping and exploring all the different neighborhoods. The beautiful old buildings, insanely nice people and amazing nightlife made it really easy for me to love Dublin. Definitely a place I see myself coming back to in the future.

(Trevor, myself, and Angelina) 

 *** 2017 Edit - Since you've stalked me far enough to see this post, I figured I would reward you with a fun fact:
I met the love of my life while I was at the club I mentioned in this post, and we're still together today! You never know who you'll meet while you're on an adventure!

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